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Daily missions are bugged

Completed and collected my daily to then realise only getting 10 dna

@Ned any news for this daily rewards bug

Same here

Same here. Still not fixed.

I have told it many times , and devs are just blocking my messages because it ofends community , i am astouned that they menage to fix every patch one bug to make two more bugs at least , this is just not the first time , and this is only happening because they so NOT test patches enough , instead they just release it and if it pass it pass . Thats the way of devs are doing it for over a year . Terrible


Still bugged. Whatre the odds we get in game compensation for this? Compensation has been a touchy subject lately, Ludia…… Hopefully you can get things together quickly post update

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Will we be given the 180 missed DNA (and coins and cash)?

Ludia with glitches ha ha

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Hey T_T, I don’t have a new update from our team yet. :sweat:

If we get any new information, we will provide an update here:

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Here also. 10 instead of 100.
And while you’re fixing this, please fix the trouble of a raidboss making it impossible to turn a supply drop.
And please remove the full dna requests, so it’s easier to see wich requests aren’t full.


I still have daily mission with 10 DNA instead of 100 DNA. Are Ludia going to fix it?


But if was a supply stop that was spitting out boosts they would have it fixed within 20 minutes.

If it impacts Ludia’s pocket it is high-priority. If it impacts players? Yeah, not so much…


When is the full version of the game actually available. We have played the bug-filled developer mode long enough.


This is how it has always been handled until now. Ludia makes a mistake in favor of the players and very quickly, without further ado, the error is fixed.

Bug Description: Daily missions are bugged to base level

Area is was found in: missions

How often does it happen: every time

What type of device are you using: Android LG V60

Username: OwlEyes89 #3040

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Mine too!!! :sob::sob::sob:

Same problem here.

Même problème pour nous! :pensive:

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Same problem for us! :pensive:

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I also have the daily mission bug.