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Daily missions are bugged

I also have the daily mission bug.

Read today’s update.

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im lucky then. Mines still 100 dna

2 days and still nothing fixed

I have the same problem and doesnot fixe it

still nothing fixed, please help

This feature should be removed until it’s fixed. It’s unfair that some can collect 100 and someone only 10.

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Has this even been acknowledged? It’s obviously a pretty significant bug. I haven’t seen anything since the original update from Ludia, where they said the problem was fixed. Obviously it isn’t.

Edit: See it addressed in announcements. Hopefully sometime next week this will be sorted.

Just so everyone sees it - They’re working on a fix, keep collecting your dailies and they’ll be reimbursing the missing amounts some time next week: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.10 Known Issues

Just like last time with the locked out people?

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Okay, so few people installed update during window with wrong Calendar, thanks Spinoconscriptor. And result was this:

Until today, where it looks like this:
This is just sad, how Ludia can mess up our favourite game with laziness. Ludia owes money, cash and DNA which are important especially after adding so much new creatures. Hopefully Ludia will reach us and give us difference. And maybe, they will not be releasing half done jobs.

I’m still affected by this, and I’m also surprised it’s not getting more attention. Needless to say, i’ve already lost a tonne of cash, coins, and dna.


Same, I don’t see the point of doing daily missions for only 10 DNA

I don’t even want to redeem my today’s " reward"

I have a feeling the “compensation” will not be anywhere close to what was actually lost.

I can’t figure out whether the game developers are clueless or don’t care about this game anymore. Every update breaks something which they are never in any rush to fix, broken raids, broken daily rewards. It’s pathetic!


The new chests are also a joke. How do you get to 25k if you get 125 each hour …you get from normal supplies much more …


Totally agree with you. What a disastrous weekend. I am glad that I don’t pay anymore to play the game.

Well, we’ve received the compensation (has everyone, regardless of if they’ve been affected?)

Presumably this means it’s now been fixed, and from tomorrow things will be back to normal? Because they weren’t fixed as of this morning.