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Daily Missions - Cenozoic Battle

Some time ago. I thought a poster mentioned not being able to complete the Daily Missions because he or she didn’t have representation by all three Cenozoic Classes. I can confirm that this is still an issue. My “newbie” account is at level 42, but I do not yet have a Savannah Creature. I did try to do a Cenozoic battle with the creatures I have, but it didn’t count.

I have turned in a ticket to support.

And there is no Cenozoic prize in any of the PvP so you can’t grind for it can you?


Not that I have access to. Regular PVP gives Commons only and Modded PVP gives Jurassics

Gt an archaeotherium to level 15,alongside a amphicyon and deinotherium,you will have them alongside missions demanding 400k coins from creatures of each kind.

After two days, The now have a Savannah creature in the hatchery…

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