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Daily Missions - extractions

Hello! I have a suggestion. I don’t know if it’s a thing or not but I haven’t seen anything like it. In addition to, as a daily mission, of either getting a common extraction or advanced extraction where we need loads of rare DNA, why not go further in asking for epic DNA as well (even legendary or unique but I know some people can’t get those yet) or it could be an epic or above DNA mission (the advanced one is the one most commonly gotten, it’s such a pain in the bottom and honestly sometimes discouraging trying to get that much rare DNA everyday). It would be a new exciting challenge for some players I feel and not impossible because there are plenty epic creatures that can be fused (much more then rare creatures) even ones that only need dinos to be at level 10 which is pretty easy to get to for those beginner players. Just a suggestion!

No no no. I’m all for more variety in daily missions, but epic and above dna is a big no from me. I hardly ever see epics in the wild so i’m not voting for something that’s going to screw probably a lot of players.


I disagree but it is my post, I don’t think it’ll screw a lot of players, there are a lot of ways to get epic DNA outside of the wild from scents to incubators and the best way is probably fusing. I barely see any rares in the wild either yet here we are trying to collect 1000+ of that almost everyday and we are doing it the same way we would for epic or above DNA by other means. It would just give the game more variety (and break up the other extractions missions) adding some other DNA extraction and less stressing over how am I going to make a million rare DNA today… (there are not that many rare dinos to fuse and not everybody can get the coins to constantly level them up). And as for epic and above it wouldn’t be separate, I think it should be together like collecting epic or legendary or unique altogether (as a mix of or one separately) to get the required dna.

You answered your own question on why it is not a good idea.

We did have an Epic daily mission for a while, it was voted down by the forum users. Rare mission can be done through donations, Epic cannot.


But not everybody donates, gets donated to, nor can donate rare DNA so it’s not that much of an advantage and I can’t request donations every 2 hours because of work. The epic and above DNA collection should be rationed lower than the other two, the same as rare vs. common DNA extraction is. It’s been a struggle getting 1000+ rare DNA everyday so it would break up the extraction missions, another suggestion would be lowering the amount of rare DNA collected then or cut out the extraction missions altogether and replacing it with something else. But there are a lot more fusible epic and above dinos than rare and it cost less to fuse than to level up which is what I was referring too.

You struggle getting 1000 Rare a day yet think Epic is going to be easier? You can fuse Rare using two common, many Epic fuse with a Rare. If you struggle to get Rare to fulfill a rare mission, where will you get them to fuse for an Epic mission? And as you pointed out above, many users struggle to find coins and do not want to ‘waste’ them fusing a creature that they will never use.

The rare daily mission can be fulfilled with requests. Request 4 easy to fill and save them for when needed. Perhaps talk with your alliance to consider a ‘common’ rare trade? Something like Sucho or Eina which the common elements are available in abundance. Everyone just trade them back and forth.

Rare also appear in relative abundance (assuming one were to go out to hunt that is), Epic are much harder to find in the wild. Strike towers contain some rare and less Epic. Just doing the available strike towers will help fill that Rare mission but will not fill the Epic daily mission. I think it was 500 Epic or something.


Not even Nodosaurus or Utahraptor, Giraffitan?
You need to find a better alliance.
Requesting useless rare DNA benefits everyone and should not be a problem in a good alliance.


No I struggle with getting 1500+ (you gotta add that +) a day, on multiple days also while working 9/10hr days and having to sleep 5 to 8hrs a day plus anything in between (average adult) but that’s my level. I never said Epic would be easier, but neither is having to collect 1000+ rare, and I also added “or above” so it would be “Epic or above DNA extraction”, I said it would break up the extraction missions (instead of having to collect 1500+ rare almost everyday which becomes the struggle) and gave solutions to how it’s not impossible to do so.

Yes you can fuse two common to get rare which is relatively easy but what happens when that rare is maxed out and at level 20? That’s coins going to waste on once again having to level that dino (that possibly will never be used and now cost more than 100000 coins to level up) to be able to fuse again for more rare DNA the next day or the next time its needed. It’s a struggle to collect that much rare DNA in a day on multiple days because of how much it adds up. In addition to that epic, legendaries, and unique are more sought after so people most likely want to fuse and level up those. So it’s a good way to collect epic and above DNA when needed.

Yes requesting is another good way to collect but it’s not that much of an advantage to collect a high number of rare DNA a day, multiple days, when not everybody can request every 3 hours to get the most out of it, not everybody can or will donate because they are also collecting and not everybody wants to request useless DNA they are never going to use and when they do it is to save for when needed, most likely to use to fuse epic or above dinos, most people want something they can use which is a way to collect epic and above DNA so why not have a mission to even more benifit out of it every once in a while.

It’s not a struggle to have rare DNA that’s already been collected and now needs to be used, along with any other already collected DNA, which can be used to fuse Epic and above dinos. Epic, legendaries, and unique are more sought after so people most likely want to fuse and level up those. Fusible epics consist of 2 rare dinos or a rare and a common and some of those rare dinos are fusible, legendaries are made up of epic (some fusible), rare (some fusible) and common, and unique are legendary (fusible) and so forth so it’s not impossible to have a mission to collect Epic and above DNA. Once again people are more likely going to want to fuse and level up epic, legendaries and unique so why not further benifit out of it by having a mission to collect Epic and above every once in awhile.

You can collect epic DNA from the wild or advanced strike events or sanctuaries or gym incubators, it’s not impossible even though it doesn’t always add up but neither does having to do that with the amount of rare DNA needed each day, on multiple days. It would all be based on balance. In my opinion fusing is probably the best way to get epic and above DNA or any DNA because in the wild the amount of DNA collected is always level based so it might not always add up but fusing is not. So instead you collect to fuse in the wild which I assume is what most people do because they want a more advanced team or to just collect. So if you’re collecting to fuse anyway why not break up the multiple times you have to collect 1000+ rare DNA with 500 or so epic or above DNA which again is not impossible.

I’m not trying to replace rare DNA extraction I’m suggesting to break it with other DNA in between so we aren’t having to collect 1000+ rare DNA 3/4 days in a row or 5 out of 7 days in a week. Collection of “epic and above DNA” is not impossible and 500 or so epic when adding in the “or above” is not unreasonable with the many options to collect it.

I understand why you feel adding more variety will help because it will reduce how many times you have to get 2000 rare dna, I get that logic. But getting epic dna, if they put it anywhere between 500-1000 (of whatever they would chose) will be just as difficult to many people.

So, your suggestion would result in this:

rare 2000, rare 2000, rare 2000… etc


rare 2000, epic 500, rare 2000, epic 500, etc etc.

So you would be adding more variety that ends up being just as challenging. So really the outcome is the same.

And suggestion adding Legendary and Unique missions is just beyond absurd.


That is actually a better way of looking at it. And to add to the equation further…

For the rare mission, any rare will do. The user just needs 2000 of it.

For 500 Epic from two rares, 1,250 of each rare is needed (25 Fuses at 20 per fuse average). So the user is going to need 2,500 Rare, 500 more rare than for the rare mission. AND… It is going to have to be specific rare to fuse, not random. For a common and a rare it will require 1,250 Rare and 5000 Common to create 500 Epic DNA. Plus the coins cost for fusing/leveling. It requires more of specific DNA as you get into Legendary and Unique.

It seems like it would only take a few times of getting a 500 Epic+ mission and users would be out of DNA to fuse for a desired creature. They would have to go out and hunt that Rare anyway before fusing 500 more.

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We did have Epic once upon a time and it was awful. Pretty much everyone shouted it down as just too difficult to complete. Thankfully Ludia listened and Epic DNA gathering was removed.

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It’s not suppose to be any less difficult per day its suppose to break up the amount of DNA needed multiple days in a row, so the 2000 rare, 500 epic, … ect. wouldn’t add up so much for either as the 2000 rare, 2000 rare, … ect because although 2 days may be 2000 rare DNA the next one or so would be either 500 “epic and above” or 4000 or so common DNA because there is still the change of having to collect common DNA even though it’s not as often as well so on the other day one could collect to get to collect rare or epic. Not to mention I suggested “epic and above” as a whole not just epic or legendary or unique but all together so that would include any and all epics, legendary, and uniques not just specifics and therefore the equation would be 2000 rare, 500 epic and above, 2000 rare, 500 epic and above, … ect. So it still would break up the amount of DNA collected for one specific type. Even so what if it were reduced to a “rare and/or above” altogether instead, that way we could choose between collecting rare, epic, legendary or unique DNA? How about that suggestion instead?

The Epic DNA mission is still in the game. My alliance has it at the minute.

One other thing yes you need 2500 of fusible rare DNA to get a fusible epic but you still have to either level up that rare (which is wasteful coin usage) to restart that rare OR fuse the epic, legendary, or unique tied to it to restart that to get more rare DNA for the next time. So if you are doing that in general why not balance it with an epic and above mission once in a while.

You lost me a bit on that last one. You are saying it is wasteful to level up something you do not need. I would agree! You are not always going to have ingredients available to create 500 Epic of something you desire. If you did, it would already be used. So, for fusing the 500 Epic it most likely would be something you will not need = wasteful coin usage. Rare can be darted or received from requests, no coins spent. And, requests actually give coins to the folks who donate!

How about we try this. Every 3 days you can create 500 Epic+. Get back to us in a few weeks on how it is going for you.

We are discussing daily missions, not alliance missions.

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Ha! Fair point. :see_no_evil:

Of course you did because you’re not reading into it, you’re not reading into it from a perspective of someone who is not level 20, has only a couple hours a day to play, and does not have everything they already need so collecting pointless rare DNA is no big deal but collecting pointless epic and above DNA is. I said its wasteful to level up a fusible rare dino, that one most likely doesn’t need, to be able to fuse it again because they still need the extra DNA they couldn’t get from requests, strike events, dating, ect. because they needed 2000 rare DNA that day and probably needed it the day before and the next day after. I’m trying to say those methods of getting rare DNA that you suggested are unreliable and not only level based but based on how much time you can spend playing the game and how many people in your alliance are on in that 3hr span you can request because not everybody has 10hrs to game, so the outcome is not the same for everybody, where fusing is the easiest way to collect DNA because its luck based not level, time, or alliance based and it’s quick and simple so I’m saying for the times one cannot meet the goal fusing and leveling up rare to get rare so many times is wasteful. I’m saying most people who may not (but still can be) already maxed out on dinos or level 20 players are already trying to fuse and evolve epics and above to level them up. I’m saying if it’s already being done why not add a benifit for it, you might have to wait to evolve or fuse that epic or above you really want until you get that mission but in the mean time you are collecting. There are still rare and common extraction missions adding an “epic and above” adds a 3rd option so its not 2:7 anymore its 3:7 lessing the load of how many times one needs to collect 2000 rare or 4000 common days in a row, you cannot possible predict the outcomes of how the missions will be distributed.

Collecting (not just fusing) 500+ “epic and above” has the same outcome as collecting (and fusing) 2000+ rare, you still are doing something you do not need but it’s a break up point so you are not just collecting 10000+ rare you do not need in a span of a week instead you may be collecting 6000+ rare to 2000+ “epic and above” to 8000+ common over the span of a week or 8000 rare to 1000 “epic and above” to 8000 common and so on and so forth.

I have 16 fusible epics and there may be more along with all legendaries and uniques compared to only 6 fusible rares. If one did need 500+ “epic and above” every once in a while they have all those options to do so, maybe having to dash out a few fuses here and there to some they don’t need. I have 30 or so fusible epic and above dinos (that I have not been able to do anything with because I have to collect 1500+ rare DNA multiple days and have to make up for slack of unreliable outside ways by fusing and leveling up those 6 fusible rares, to me that’s a waste) so for me I only need to fuse each one once or twice on that day (depending on luck) to collect beyond the 500+ needed. But it’s not just fusing or creating you can get epic DNA from the wild. A master level strike gives you about 300+ epic DNA and about 500+ rare so that’s already 300/500 epic (so now one only needs about 200 more) compared to 500/2000 rare (where one still needs about 1500 more) even a beginner or experienced strike can (but not always) get you about 10+ epic and about 60+ rare (if its without the epic the rare is even less) so that’s 10/500 (~490 more) vs 60/2000 (~1940 more). Then theres sanctuaries, sanctuaries are mostly filled of epics because you can’t request them so you are more likely going to gain more epic DNA from a sanctuaries then you will rares. As for the wild, I see at least one epic in the wild every day (and I only play a couple hours due to schedule). Yesterday I saw 2 in the span of 20 minutes driving, not at event drops. Then there is the event drops where you get epics all weekend. On average (not including weekend epics) that’s 50+ epic DNA right there for that day (depending on skill and level). Rare I see at least 2 or 3 in the wild everyday.

So collecting Rare DNA vs “Epic and above” DNA considering it’s at 2000 to 500 it all balances out the same in means of the wild and therefore is equally challenging. However adding that extra mission of collection adds more variety and lowers the amount of rare DNA needed over multiple days and gives a benifit to collecting epic and above DNA that may not be needed the same as collecting rare DNA that may not be needed. Just because the challenge already happened before doesn’t necessarily mean it had to be knocked out, maybe it just needed to be tweaked so adding the above might help alleviate that 500 only being epics. It’s not impossible or unreasonable.

As for your challenge I’m making a few changes 1) I’ll do it over the span of 3 days out of the week, not every 3 days (it’ll most likely be on the days I need rare because I have to fuse them anyhow to be able to collect my rare) 2) because its not all based creating I’ll collect 500 epic and above. I’ve already collected 100+ epic today and plan on collecting 300 more in a strike event later but maybe not, I don’t have the rare challenge so I may or may not collect that yet but I’ll keep you updated. Tomorrow however I’ll be getting about 430 epic DNA from alliance incubator so theres at least one day for you. I’ll keep you updated.

Just multi-fuse, you don’t need to level them up

Multi-fuse is very useful in times like this now since that was introduced, but of course you still need a minimum of 5 fuses worth of dna to do it. Also multi-fuse is only available at a certain lvl too.

Just because someone isn’t level 20 yet, or they only have a few hours to play a day doesn’t mean things should be made easier or changed to convenience them.