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Daily Missions Impossible


Ok. This is getting ridiculous. As a daily mission you now want me to open up 13 incubators. Ok let’s do the math for a second I know bare with me.
1 free incubator every 6 hours. So that’s 4 within the time frame and that’s if you collect immediately even one delayed second and it knocks you down to 3 within the time frame.

Battle incubators
15 min incubator you would need to battle at least 10x but you aren’t guaranteed a 15 min. Mostly you get 3h or 8h.

3 hour incubator physically impossible to reach daily as you can only open 7-8 a day add in your 3 dailies and you are still 2-3 short depending on how fast you are. Unless you spend cash.

8 hour incubator impossible unless you spend cash. And it exponentially raises how much cash you’d need.

12 hour incubator nightmarishly worse than 8 hour still impossible without cash.

24 hour incubator even worse than 12 hour impossible without cash.

My point? Unless you spend all your cash you can’t hit your daily limit unless you get 15 m incubators.

This is so irritating and extremely frustrating now that you get Alanqa DNA for completing the missions. I am someone who uses Alankylosaurus because it’s the perfect counter for Indominus Rex and perfect partner for Spinotasuchus.

Please fix this. Make it 8-10 required daily because that makes it way more fair. I’m not buying cash because you refuse to fix the things wrong with the game Ludia.

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Once you miss a mission it will drop by one. IE if you dont get the 13 incubators it will be 12 the next day. So ita like one day of missing out on dna that as of yesterday wasnt in the game.


That doesn’t happen for me. I have missed like 3-4 days and it still increases. It was at 8 or 9 when it came out. Now it’s up to 13. Even then, that still puts it out of reach for everything except 15 min incubators which I never get. Not that I want them because the dna for getting them is always stuff I can’t use.

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It does drop but there comes a point where you can’t complete all the missions and you lose out on the new benefit - Alanqa presently. Rather than increase the daily amount I would prefer that we got a mixture of missions, not just the same 7 every day.


I’m asking that they merely lower the required open incubators amount or rather make it to where the incubators from the strike zones count.


I read here yesterday there working on the strike towers incs not counting… but this is something that is an extea bonus… for playing the game… there should be things in play to prevent if from being guranteed everyday.

Remember a recent nerf regarding rarity of components dinos… their now giving alanqa away in 8h, defeat 10 creatures for vip, and now for the missions… i see a future alanky nerf incoming.


You do know the incubator order goes


Then they cycle like that, every 4 cycles it’s a 12h instead of a 8h. Every 16 cycles it’s a 24h instead of the 8 hour.

It is not random. Plus it’s free, if you don’t make it one day it’s not the worlds fault, people will spend money, if you don’t, don’t worry you are missing out on 40 Alanqa and 2-4 cash. It’s nothing.


Are you sure about this? I have went months without 24 hour incubators and I reach my coin limit for battling everyday. Also I never see 15 min incubators unless I’m trying to get 8 hours for my shift at work.

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Also 2-4 cash and 50 alanqa isn’t nothing for me a f2p player. I have 98 dinosaurs that need leveled (currently not even counting all the dna I have for those Dino’s)


100% this is the order. Has been since the start. On metahub there is even a chart you can follow to see what type you will get next.


You have a link?


Go to metahub or use the search functions man… there are threads all over this forum regarding this.


Can confirm this is the incubator drop schedule.
3 - 15 - 3 - 3 - 8 - Repeat


Why not do the mission once per 2 days?

You can leave the incubators uncollected and collect them all at once just for the missions?


Now my required amount is 15 incubators. This is impossible. We get penalized for playing well.


I’m really pleased that Ludia have introduced Daily Missions into JWA, it’s great it gives us something to work towards each day. However I’m not happy that they’ve set the bar too high, especially with regards to ‘Opening the required incubators’ being set to 12! They are basically forcing us to have to spend hard cash to unlock an incubator to finish this mission. I don’t think that’s fair, or even a particularly good use of hard cash.


Wait until you need to open 15.:joy::joy::joy::joy:


12 is entirely possible (not everyday tho), but the goal goes up everyday you achieve it, with a maximum of 15 Inc for one day, which really is nearly impossible. If they someday sort out the bug for strike tower Incs not counting for the total it would be easier.

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I started at 8, few Day later It’s 13 now, stop that. Or make incubator évent incluse for mission


I always stop at 12… didn’t matter much, but now that we depend on this to get DNA, it sucks =/