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Daily Missions inconsistencies

Just wondering if it is me or a glitch in the daily missions. Beginning this year, I’ve had to open a Battle Incubator almost every day to complete the daily mission and get the DNA reward. There are other players in my complex, and sometimes we use the same network and they do get the battle incubator that often. It makes it very difficult to battle and defeat 10 dinos every day to complete the missions. 5000 DNA? It takes many hours of playing. Any thoughts?

I mean, depending in your level the requirements can seem different. I’m a high lvl player(I think) and don’t really see a problem with it but I can see how some requirements may be a bit much for new players. Idk if this is true or not, but now that everyone is staying home I guess ludia “extended” the requirements since the players apparently have more time to play(not saying everyone can play any time, I would just assume this is the thought at ludia or something)

That might be the case, but I find it very discouraging to have to defeat 10 dinos every day in order to complete the daily missions. So far today is the third day on a row that I have to defeat 10 dinos.