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Daily missions increasing

Why is the rare dna requirement increasing each time on daily missions? I thought the increment of such things was stopped ages ago?

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I was under the assumption that if you completed a days missions the next days got slightly harder. Did that change?

I’m sure that was stopped ages ago.

I did not know that. Thanks.

No. Pretty sure it didn’t, but I’ve only got 2 advanced extractions and 5 common extractions this week

What are these???

What do you mean by that?
It’s what the mission is called when you have to gather the amount of common/rare DNA…it increases every time


Oh I don’t pay attention to the names, just go by rare and common.


Oh ok. Buts it is quite annoying having to collect loads of rare DNA…sometimes I just do fuses for rare hybrids and that counts towards it

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I often have to just request Rare DNA from my Alliance to cover it which can be annoying.

I don’t understand the point in increasing it each time. When you complete the missions you get rewarded with epic dna, yet you also get punished with a higher requirement next time for the same amount of reward (when you hit 100 epic dna). Doesn’t make sense.

My guess would be that it makes you go out and play the game. Keeps you motivated.

I can’t always do it due to work and family commitments so I may have to rely on Alliance requests to complete anything like that.

Yeah I get that it makes you go out more, but it shouldn’t forever increase.

I heard the requirements will drop when you fail the daily though. I think it’s more like a challenge.

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I think it’s lower earlier in the week. A bit annoying as all my Hybrid rares need to level before I can fuse again.

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Increased challenges usually come with increased rewards. But not in Ludia’s world.

All tasks increase, but just to some amount. For example for collecting drops the max amount is 20. But with common rare epic dna, there is a long difference between the first and the max amount. I saw a picture once

Collect rare dna maxes at 2000 increases by 10 for each time you succeed.

See meta hub.


Now that daily is smilodon and before when it was erlick if I couldn’t get rewards cuz of specific dna required I just shrugged because some times the only way to get it is to pay to level up a dino to fuse.

And I agree it gets to much!