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Daily missions needs serious rework

Daily mission was fun, but now they are more and more annoying.

I see three main issues with them:

  1. Daily reward. It should be changed every day. There is so many epic creatures, yet it still spaming us with surplus of few creatures. But two important remarks: no hybrids (it is a loss of XP gained from fusing) and no changes during missions period - it should change when missions switch/ends.

  2. Why is there no fixed number of missions each day? I got 3 one day and 8 another (i’m not exception - it is standard in our alliance: 3/9, 3/7). There should be always the same number, e.g: 5.

  3. The rare dna mission is too hard. It’s around 1/3 common dna mission. For me current goal is around 1300, so it’s a 10 rare creatures (if you dart well), but they don’t spawn so often. You could use incubators, fusing, etc., but still when I got this missions I end up having 10x more common dna than rare. Something is wrong here.

I agree, the missions would probably be better if they were randomly or even set to a schedule on what epic you get that day. The rare DNA mission I usually have to resort to fusing to get the DNA required. But I know this won’t last long, especially when you need more and more DNA and you only have so much resources to fuse.

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Imagine if they gave you 3 dinos to choose from everyday

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Daily missions reward is ok like it is. Some creatures are extremely rare for many players and needed for hybrids.

Agree with point two though. Had rare DNA mission 5 days in a row and last one was collect 1650 rare dna.

It’s certainly impossible to complete most missions in half an hour or hour.

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these missions are easy. mine are set 5 one day 7 another and i can usually get them done in the morning before work.