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Daily Missions question


I find that it asks for Rare DNA as one of the daily missions every day, and the amount of DNA increases.
Is there anyone having the same thing?
I have this mission for 4 days already.


Yep always get it and it always increases, but I still always complete it


Mine has been increased to 1400. Why is it ever increasing and doesn’t have a cap?
If we have an event for Rares today, it would be easier.


God that’s hard. Do my trick and of you can’t find any more rares, just do a fusion for a rare like suchatator. Sure it costs coins but it works


All my Rare hybrids are already at their level tops. If I want to fuse them, I have to level them up first.
I don’t use most of them in battles.


It does have a Cap somewhere. But i don’t find it that difficult actually. Just dart rares that you don’t need aswell, like Nodo.


Actually, I think the problem is why the same mission appears every day and the requirement increases every time.


For every task the requirement increases every time you complete it. Until you hit the cap, which is 2000 here i believe.


Here you can see the caps:

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Thanks. I realise that I have reached most caps such as 5000 coins, 12 battles, 60 direct hits…
That means the requirement on Rare DNA will still be increasing.


Oh ok


No fault at all. No apology needed.
I just find it hard to complete.