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Daily Missions Reward is Anky now


Just got 100 Anky, even though the picture was still showing Rex. Tomorrow’s reward is showing Anky now after restart though.


Ohh sweet!!


Yup it’s changed, hopefully it changes each month.


I had T-Rex early today when I collected but have just restarted and tomorrow is showing Anky … that changes my plans for this week’s event epics …


Same. I might go full Kentro now.


Yep - that’s my plan now; was going to go 2:3/4 Anky:Kentro as I have about 250 Anky and see one every now and again but hardly ever get Kentro. Might pick up the odd Erliko but Tryko is my goal … 110/250

Would not have been impressed if it had changed next week after the event.


Bodes well for the future if the epic is going to change that frequently; bet @Hersh can’t wait for Koola and the whole playerbase will flip when we get Secondo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would love an official comment about whether this change is permanent or only for a week.

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True - could be linked to the St Patricks event …


(Insert Logan Paul yup GIF)


Wasn’t expecting the change so soon, I was counting on that T-Rex DNA… Now the week worth of daily rewards I missed because of my account being unaccessible hurts more…


Oh man. Living and working in L4 I have piles of Rajasaurus. Then all event incubators this week having tuojiangosaurus as the rare slot. This change is going to get my diorajasaur some TLC.


I’m pumped anky is rarer ATM than Rex ever was! Maybe they could change the styg dna in arena incubators too!!!


I finished my daily missions before coming into work this morning (UK). Glad I got my T-Rex before it changed honestly.


I love anky because she is really extinct :smiley: and need anky dna for tryko. But t-rex is needed in so many ways (indo, indom, tryko, erlidom)


That’s awesome! I really need Anky DNA. I think I’ll have to pool all my attempts into getting Trykosaurus this weekend! I would love to hear which Uniques everyone else is collecting.


Is it now anky permanently or only for this week?


Ok… game updated just now- I got this nice little surprise!
Maybe it’s not all gunna be Rex anymore!

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Hey Myp, Anky will stay longer than a week, but we don’t have any more information other than that.


Hello Ned, and can we expect some information this week? Just curious what to shoot this week (epic dinos)

A day ago I was thinking 10 anky 8 kentro, today 18 kentro :smiley: but don’t want to be upset if this anky reward is just for the week only :S that would break my heart :slight_smile: