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Daily missions..stuck?

Question for folks! Has anyone else been getting “ complete 12 battles” every single day? It used to switch every other day to a daily battle incubator but for the last 7 days it’s been complete the 12 battles. Just curious if others have the same thing?

I get 12 battles a lot yes, but it’s not stuck. Yesterday, or Saturday, can’t remember which, I didn’t have a 12 battle mission. They do seem more frequent though.

You can’t complain though before if you achieved the 12 battles the next day would ask for 13 and so on. 12 battles is annoying sure but I’m loving the new system. I need it too with Trykosaurus sucking up Trex DNA like a spounge.

Fortunately, strike event battles and friendly challenges count toward the total!

Mine’s been stuck on opening a daily defence incubator. All week. Usually it alternates between that, do 12 battles (amounts to the same thing, but at least I can do strike events and friendly battles to compensate), or open 6 incubators. But nope. All week, defence. Kind of annoying.