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Daily Missions that take longer than what Ludia said they intended

A while ago, Ludia stated they decreased the requirements for personal missions so that players should be able to complete them within a couple short sessions of about 30 minutes each,

So what happened?

I didn’t have much free time today for playing. I was able to spend a little time this afternoon to complete 3 missions and collect about half the rare dna mission. I had two missions to finish up and had about an hour and a half to complete 10 battles and collect just under a thousand rare dna.

I started battling immediately, requesting the next battle just as soon as a battle was completed. It took close to an hour and a half to complete 10 battles. I had just under four minutes to complete the rare dna quest. I went to the Dinodex and started fusing Suchotator dna as fast as I could press the button.

I missed completing all missions (that aren’t supposed to take more than about an hour) by less than 2 minutes. Very frustrating that it took almost 2 hours today to complete 5 missions which I did not receive the daily reward for because of going a minute or 2 past midnight. (If I had known the battling was going to take so much time I wouldn’t even have put myself through the frustration of attempting it.


Agreed. Just posted I lost two missions because they ended at 9 instead of 10pm as well. Was just about to complete it and they changed the clock.

10 battles took 1.5 hours? How?

I don’t have a team that cuts through competition like a hot knife through soft butter. Each one took close to 5 minutes plus the time searching for an opponent which is not always found. Time for animations to complete and battle results to be displayed. It all adds up.

Seems i got the do 12 battles almost every day since carbo become the monthly. Amd that 12 battle mission always takes over an hour to complete which is longer then the dailies are supposed to take.

I just chalked it up to Ludia being Ludia.

The only time it doesn’t take a long time is when there are Strike towers cause those battles go quicker. But they reduced the number of battles in the strike towers meaning more battles have to be completed through matchmaker or the buggy friendly challenges system.

I do the battle missions just by friendly battles and strike towers if get that mission.

Unfortunately, friendly battles are still buggy. Sometimes they don’t start and sometimes we don’t show up as being online even though we are.

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I got the daily incubator chest today… prior to this season that was my normal mission with the do 12 battles being the rare one… whether it be because of carbo… or less people actually playing in the arena this season. It has flipped.

Not a fan… i remember the days id do 20-30 battles a day on a day i didnt play much. Now playing 12 is a chore.

This is me for the day

Thiugh tomorrow I have everything. DBI, 12 battles, incubators, rare DNA. You name it I have it

Either you are in Nublar Shores or somewhere which has no AI. I take 1 hour to complete 10 battles because my timer is 2 mins and some humans love to drag the battles.

Ludia is making battles a chore and doesnt matter if you are the top 100 player or top 100k player, battles are getting just a grind to do. I dun understand why… Reduce the alliance requirements for battles so players can go.hunt and also get rid of the 2 min timer in Shores. It is making Shores undesirable.

Daily missions are impossible to complete in 30 minutes since start (except maybe few first days with basic requirements). You can’t dart creatures for 7000 dna (5000 dna and 2000 rare dna) in 30 minutes. You can’t complete 12 friendly battles in 30 minutes even if opponents wan’t to lose as quick as possible (if friendlies would work perfectly). Unless you have multiple same creatures to FIT in sanctuary or you FIT 3 different creatures, you need at least 3 hours, mostly 6 hours to complete daily quests.

Daily missions easily take an hour and a half or more to complete, certainly not 30 minutes.

It’s why I don’t care if I complete them anymore.

My play time for this game went from almost three hours to about an hour, now down to minutes, because of MM, the map nerfs and this.

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Get Direct Hits is my dreaded one. It seems to turn up every day. I know what you’re thinking - “it’s easy Delta, how much do you suck at this not to get this one?” It’s not that I can’t direct hit, it’s that my phone is due for repairs and the touch screen is broken at a certain point which makes it very difficult to do them in succession. Before than it was a breeze, but now it’s a nuisance.

The phone makes a huge difference.

My Ipad makes me feel like I’m cheating.

For the battles you can do a campain battle you haven’t completed yet, i just keep losing the same stage on purpose justbto complete that quicker, for dna you can request in the alliance fpr something nobody wants like majunga or einiasuchus, but yes daily missions took way more than 30 min to be done, wich most of the time just kills my will to play

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There is something different going on with the daily missions. I noticed this last week. I used to get the same kinds of missions that would be on an alternating schedule. So for an example. One day I would have 6 incubators to open. Then the next day it would change to a daily battle incubator mission. Then the following day it would be back to the 6 incubators mission. It was like that for the longest time. Maybe sometime around mid week last week, I got different missions. Now the 6 incubator missions is together with the daily battle incubator mission. :thinking:

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Yes this works and i’ve done it a few times, but it doesn’t work on completed stages. This means you may end up in a position like I have today where I need 4 dinos at lvl 28 or higher to battle. I have 1 dino at lvl 28 so can’t do the battle. This means campaign is no longer effective for battles counts on the daily mission.


Correct. You needed foresight to stop early enough to be able to do this. I am on step 33 and have a crew of Raptors where I can lose in 3 or 4 hits from the opponent. It depends on if Draco rare or Draco common leads off. I appreciate that the game keeps your selected crew for each battle. Saves having to pick them each time.

I’m stuck at campain for weeks on same stage (72) as @GPx. Still need two lvl 28 creatures.