Daily Missions Update


Apparently, the number of incubs to be opened increased by 1 daily.

So, in a year we will have to open 365 incubs to get 4 hard cash.

If we can manage to open 12 incubs a day, then, it will take us about 30 days to get that 4 hard cash from that daily mission.

Are we not liking this game…? I’m lovin it by day…


The reward is increasing too , so maybe not 4 but 6 xD


Was just about to open a thread about this one. 13 incubators in one day and i already have 2 8hrs in slots… talk about mission impossible :smile:


I guess we better start using hard cash to get that $4.


The missions you didn’t complete stay no ?


I think the missions you don’t complete reduce by 1, if you had 11 incubators to open one day but didn’t complete it, it goes back down to 10. Not sure about the others.


Oh maybe, it seems to me that I have the two with incubator but one disappeared. Didn’t pay attention.


Will see tomorrow. I think the whole progress is lost and you start from scratch…


I had a mission for 1 friendly battle, never did a battle and that task never came back.


When you cant do it, decreases for one incubator next day. I got till 11, today I’m back on 10.


What I don’t understand is why a strike event incubator doesn’t count! It’s an incubator!


I managed to squeeze in an 8 hr incubator for the goal, but this time around? Three 8 hr ones and then a 24 hr one… Seriously?!

It honestly couldn’t have come at a worst time. Like, legitly. I’m struggling here, and they want to play around! The only circumstance where I didn’t want this magnificent prize… you know what Ludia? Fine. Fine. You do what you want. I’m not spending my hard collected cash for 4 measly ones.

I’m gonna have to let this one slide. I want to keep my money >->


Me too, I was “stuck” with 3 8hour and 1 24hour so I let go. Needed 12 incubator so just impossible.


Excatly the same thing, what I am thinking. The fights you compete in Strike events do count for the mission, but not the incubators. Really weird. Unless they don’t put these incubators into count, we will reach a point, where it is just not able to solve it.