Daily Missions - Varying Missions Per Day

Why do some players only have a total of 3-4 daily missions a day while others have 7-8 or so?

I know about the mission targets (the number on the right) how it progresses to max as it is completed everyday and as your player level raises.

I don’t understand why the numbers vary to be so low though. Not because it makes it easier for them to collect their daily dna but it also hurts those players on their resources they collect from completing the missions.


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I always have 6 or 7…didn’t know that there is so much variety


I always get 6 or 7 too. I always wondered whether everyone gets the same ones each day?

I’ve never had 3 or 4 I believe I’ve had 5 as the lowest. I’d prefer more ace day to get more coins and cash. It’s just odd how some are so low.

Another thing is some people report not having the battles mission all week long. I seem to have it almost every other day it seems.


i used to get 10, now i get about 7

Before I took some days away from the game because my mobile coverage went down I’d be getting 4 one day, then 8 the next, then 4, then 8 and so on. Missing those days has altered it slightly where I now get 5 one day and 7 the next, repeat.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a time when I’d have the same amount of missions for dailies everyday.

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i always get 6

I’ve had both ends of the spectrum. Some days 4 or 5 and then some days 7+…

Hey Phil, it’s dependent on how frequently you complete all the Daily Missions.

So someone with 3-4 doesn’t complete their missions daily even though their mission targets remain at the maximum?

Any chance we could get a bit more clarification on that please?

Last month, I completed my daily missions every day, but went through a period where I received only 3 daily missions constantly (even made a post about it). Then halfway during the month, I started getting the 7 missions again.

This month, I’ve barely played, but I’m still getting 7 daily missions per day.

From what I understand, the more frequent all the Daily Missions are completed, the greater likelihood you’ll receive more missions after the reset.


Strange. I know that when you don’t complete them the target drops so that the mission itself is easier for you to achieve but I didn’t think it also affected the number of missions that you were given.