Daily Missions - why change it? 🤨

So… since the update I’ve been having to do between 8-9 different tasks for daily missions, 3 of them being the interactions in the sanctuaries… you don’t have to force us to use sanctuaries like that, you’re only making it become a task, rather than something we enjoy. :triumph::unamused:

Also, today for example it requires me to both play and feed creatures 4 times each… and I can only get 4 of each from supply drops, but I got it at an odd time yesterday and now I will have to wait until midnight in my time zone before I can get the supplies from the drops to be able to complete the daily missions…
and will these increase over 4x for interactions?
That is just excessive.
We did a poll and everyone told you it took too long to complete a lot of tasks, so you go back and double the amount of daily missions to force us to use a new feature that we really like and will use it, but being forced to do so makes it very annoying :unamused:

Not to mention that you added back the 1x friendly battle into the daily missions again… :thinking:

@Ned @Jorge @J.C @Ludia_Developers
If one of you lovely people could pass this onto the devs… because you took three steps BACKWARDS in increasing the amount of requirements for daily missions… and we all know that right now you guys need to do the most you can to try to take a LOT of steps FORWARD instead.

Make the game fun, and not a task or chore. :grin:

Some sort of reply, feedback and solution to this is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance guys :slight_smile:


Like what you were saying, I was trying to save up the items to interact, play and feed my dinos but I had to use quite a few just to meet the requirements for the daily DNA. I shouldn’t have to shell out most of my saved up items just to complete a daily task that’ll probably require more in the future.


You do the daily tasks and you like it.
Just like the mandatory tournament if you want incubators. Lydia is a harsh mistress

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To be fair it is a mission so it is meant to be a task while playing the game, but some of those missions, are I agree, too hard or just too much, like 800 rare DNA, etc…


I’m not bothered by the fact they require us to interact with dinos in sanctuaries, it’s an easy task that requires no effort, unlike 12 battles in the horrible arena or the constant growing rare dna requirement.

However, I have a sneaky suspicion that after today where I have to feed/play/interact 4 times that it will go to 5 tomorrow which is absolutely unfair if that happens as no-one can get 5 tokens a day to do that. The fact the current reward has only reached 150 coins suggests to me it will continue growing as others cap at 500 coins reward.

CORRECTION: It’s max 6 a day you can get from supply drops as I forgot event drops give 2 a day too.


I REALLY hate this sanctuary requirement. I only max out 2 of the 3 sanctuary items in supply drops, so some I simply CANNOT get 6 a day of. The other day I opened 80 supply drops around town (while my husband drove) to get the next rank incubator for my alliance, and they STILL said I only maxed out 2 of the three sanctuary items. Today, they’re asking me to play 6 times. And tomorrow, will it be 7? 8 the next day? Come ON, this is becoming undoable!

The 12 battles a day is drudgery, but doable… As long as you have friends that don’t refuse your challenges. But the rare requirements are also getting ridiculous. The ONLY way to find 700 rares (and climbing) is to drive all over town, which I can’t always do, at least as a passenger. The game discourages playing while driving (and for good reason), then assigns tasks that basically REQUIRE it. UTTERLY stupid.

(Sorry if I shouldn’t have necroed. I deem this a very important subject and thought it better to reply here than start a new thread)

I don’t understand how people find it difficult to get 4 food and 4 toys from normal supply drops each day. The one that is more difficult are the 2 of each from event drops as they are more scarce than normal drops.

You capitalised ONLY presumably because you are making a statement, yet it is not the ONLY way to achieve it. I’m at 1700+ Rare a day for my missions and there’s plenty of ways to get rare DNA:

  1. darting wild rare dinos
  2. opening incubators
  3. donations
  4. fusing rare hybrids
  5. sanctuaries

Plenty of ways, and I know it is not easy, I mean 700 is easy compared to 1700, but to say it is the ONLY way to get them is wrong.

Every other supply drop contains a resource for me. 6 a day is easy to get, one of the easiest daily tasks if you ask me. And going into sanctuaries and using them gives you some dna too. Who doesn’t want that?
Opening 3 free incubators per day isn’t a biggie either. One when I wake up, one in the afternoon, and one when I go to bed.
You can also save up your resources. It goes up a bit every day for the daily tasks, but you don’t have to finish them to 0 every day either. So if you have a couple left, the day after should be easy. And every week it resets again, only the last day is a tiny bit of a “challenge”.

And for a friendly battle… Pff, just ask in your alliance. Or just install the game on an old tablet or 2nd phone you have laying around and challenge your 2nd account. All these things are not issues. They are challenges, with rewards. Not meant to give it to you for free!! Why doesn’t anyone get that?

I find Ludia’s developers like torturing their players rather than let them like the game. It’s really strange.

FYI, the requirement gradually increase to 6 until now.

I say it again, the daily missions are supposed to be motivation to log in each day to do something, not another job and responsibility after our day of working / taking care of our children etc.

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It’s not that it’s difficult to get them, it’s that if you max out for the day then get the task and have none, you’re toast. You can get around it by banking them… but the irony is that they are preventing me from using the sanctuary because now it’s a resource management issue.
I’m up to 6/6/5 already for requirements.

Yes I know they are on 6/6 now, so are mine, at least for food and toys.

But i’ve completed those daily missions today already. I am now left with 1 food and 2 toys. So tomorrow if it is 1/1 then i’m sorted, but if it remains at 6/6 then i’ve already got 1 or 2 towards that and can dart the rest first thing in the morning, plenty of time before the next day.

It won’t go above 6 because I know Ludia are stupid sometimes but they aren’t that stupid.

You say the daily missions are meant to be motivation to log in each day to do something… well this one is to tap supply drops, which you need for alliance missions anyway, and to then use those food/toys etc on your dinos in the sanctuary.

That is exactly what you just stated… motivation to log on and do something. If you consider the game, or any aspect of the game as another job or responsibility then maybe you are playing the wrong game for your liking.

Its not difficult to get them, but as of right now, my drops are resetting at 1am, and the daily mission resets at 6am for me… so that becomes the problem lol

I’d have to skip a day to let it reset and see if the hour changes…

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We want more food and toys drop, insted 3 maybe 10 would be greate, by the way the friendly match annoying us, people start to be casuals, y see max of 2 people conected at the time.

Mine also reset at 1am and missions reset at 6am. But I don’t see that as being an issue. Particularly if the mission does reset to 1/1. If it stays at 6/6 it still shouldn’t be a struggle. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that some people’s life styles will get in the way, but that can cause issues for plenty of things besides games.

Yes, it is just too much.

It basically restricts your freedom as to when to interact, feed and play with your dinosaure, then it has a problem.

This is beyond a little motivation, it demands you to collect the maximum quota everyday and save it for the increased requirement. This is planning and is already much more than a motivation.

This is exactly NOT what I stated. I guess everyone has a different perspective as what is too much and what is not.

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Luckily I wake up at 5:15 otherwise I wouldnt be able to complete these lol my main problem is that it always seems like Ludia doesn’t put the amount of thought, testing and preparation necessary into most things that they do for this game, that is actually my real issue.

At first the missions were too much, we were able to make suggestions as a community and they changed to an accessible and acceptable amount of missions so everyone could have a daily reward… then they go and take steps backwards by adding more stuff again…

Not to get into a different subject but another quick example is magna, it was useless for almost all its game life, so they went ahead and buffed it and made it awesome as it should be because of how difficult it is to make it… a little bit of time passes and they go and nerf it again :joy: it’s still a monster and very useful, but it’s one more thing to make the playerbase get mad, there’s no need to add to the frustration and irritation (no pun intended to irritator already making us mad :joy: ).

It’s the constantly messing up and changing things all the time that bothers me and I’m sure most people as well… there is no real consistency.

Sorry for the long text, hopefully you understand what i’m trying to say :slight_smile:

I feel the same way about getting the DBI every day, total hassle and its never, ever worth the frustraition. :wink:

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I understand people have different lifestyles and things don’t necessarily fit in well, but my daily mission resets at 6am, and I wake up at 7am. I have from 7am until 11pm (generally my bedtime) to spin enough supply drops to get 6/6 of each (not counting interaction ones). Usually I am done by midday because the amount of normal supply drops are usually common for many areas.

I just find it difficult to understand how people struggle to spin enough supply drops between 6am - 11pm (typical awake hours).

As for your comment about number of missions, I agree, when they reduced it to 4-7 a day that was good, was always nice to wake up to just 5 missions. I don’t like being back to 8-9 missions, but with what i’ve already said I don’t see how it is much of a problem to get the various sanctuary items.

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It’s perfectly fine to have daily requirements about new mechanics to help the player base to try out them.

But when the requirement match exactly the max possible amount you can collect in a day (6) where one part require to have event stops AND the fact that dailies doesn’t reset at the same time than SD it creates ridiculous situation :
you could use one supply before the mission reset and then you have to wait until 2am in my case to get the needed one…
That’s a flaw in the design.

Selected for award of the worst advice given here :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t go above 6 resources, so even if you haven’t saved up the day before, you still have a chance to get the 6. This gives you 2 options: Save from the day (or even 2-3 days) before, or go out and collect 6 of each on the last day. Not easy enough?
The next day there is no resources daily, and then it’s back to 1. It’s really easy.
Maybe it requires a little bit of management, but considering most of you who come here are pretty die hard, this should not be an issue. And you get used to it quickly.
Again: It’s not meant to be easy! (but it is)