Daily Missions - why change it? 🤨

I agree, we do have a lot of time, I just got stuck in a spot where I can only get enough of the supplies needed between 1-6am, maybe skipping a day will fix that :slight_smile:

But yes, also agree that it was much better to only see 4-6 requirements :joy:

We do not know for sure this is the case yet until later today/tomorrow. It may stay at 6.

It’s mentioned in an article on gamepress jwa, they are usually right. They even knew about the daily increase on day 1.

True, but did they also mention about the other alliance reward selections, yet never implemented. Can’t take it for granted until we see what Ludia actually does.

It’s bloody ridiculous that it’s still the same… And I don’t see Pachy yet either btw.

Daily mission reward usually changes with 15 minutes after event change. I’m sure it will change shortly. I believe between event change and when the image changes it is only a visual issue as people have often said when they claim they get the new dino.

Ah. I’m hoping for a visual change on weekly too then :slight_smile:

So far nothing…

Its getting 6 or more that I said was difficult, especially when you can’t get in range of event drops without traveling.

As for rares, I’m in a private alliance, just me and my husband (who only installed the game so I could challenge him). In other games, I’ve found myself losing interest due to bad experiences with alliances dictating how I play; I’m just trying to avoid that. So getting rares through any alliance means (except weekly challenges) is very difficult.

Not everyone can play the same way either. In my case almost NO rares spawn around me (1 a day sometimes. Sometimes 2 or 3, sometimes 0). I get almost nothing but 3 hour incubators through the arena (20 rare per incubator), and am the only one working on my sanctuary. Strike events aren’t always in range without traveling either. As result of most of the above, getting gold is difficult too, so all my rare hybrids need to be leveled before I can fuse any of them.

Ludia needs to take into consideration that not everyone can meet their requirements. Take my nephew, for example; he lives in the country. He had to give up on the game (before daily missions even EXISTED), because nothing spawned within 20 miles of him, even supply drops. Just last week we drove 45 minutes to visit him, and there’s still nothing even in walking distance of his house. :frowning: The daily mission requirements aren’t fair to all players, which sucks.

(Edit: I don’t know how the post I was quoting didn’t get quoted. :confused: Oh well…)

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Obviously it is 6 because you are high level. My alt account is level 5 and only needs 1 for the Daily.

If you are high level, Lydia assumes that you are a hardcore player.
How many casuals are level 20?

It’s ironic because daily missions were supposed to make us do stuff for rewards. But we would already spend items in the sanctuary every day. Who wouldn’t want the dna? But because of the missions, we have to save the items for the next day. So those are the only missions that actually force us NOT to do something we would like to do in the game! :sweat_smile:


Its pretty nerve wrecking knowing that if you use one too many, you could end up screwed on the daily the next day. I would also vote to remove it.

But the 12 battles should be 6. 12 battles is a lot, it used to be fun awhile back but now since I only battle power players way higher than me in Aviary while I’m stuck in Lockwood, its literally no fun. I just try to hurry up get my daily and get out of there quick as I can. Its a task doing battles yet alone 12 of them.

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I do the daily drops and incubators I get a total of only 6 altogether a day. That is all I’ve ever been able to get even getting every and all where they are suppose to be. So how an I suppose to finish daily missions when I need to play,interact,and feed 4 time on each everyday? That is double what I can get a day. And yes not everyone is getting the same amounts some get 8 total a day some only 4 so it’s not a player problem it’s a game programing problem.

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Where are you getting your information from?

Players get this from drops every day max:

Normal supply drops - 4 (food/toys)
Green event drops - 2 (food toys)
Free incubator - 6 (interactions only)

So no, nobody in the game gets 8 a day of any kind.

If you pay attention to the reset timers for your supply drops and for your daily missions, then work out when is best to use them and when it is not. I’ve not had any problem myself completing daily missions, it can be done, but the most impactive thing is your personal availability to play.

What do you mean you need to play, interact and feed 4 times on each everyday? You mean on each dino you put in? Because although Ludia shouldn’t really dictate when and how we use sanctuaries, I don’t think you’ve realise how best to use them in the current situation.

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