Daily missions

I like that Ludia introduced daily missions. Most of it is what people generally do like dart dinos and fight in arena so will be easy to complete them. But 1 hard cash, really? What is the point in 1 hard cash? Honestly please tell me the benefit of that.


They said that they get increasingly better the more missions you complete


So on a rolling basis like if you completed the missions today you’d get better rewards maybe in tomorrows missions? If that’s the case then i’ll reserve my judgement until a few days have past.

I don’t know exactly how but we’ll have to wait and see. :woman_shrugging:

So the missions get bigger, such as more darting, more incubators etc etc, but the rewards remain 25 coins and 1 hard cash. I know the missions are pretty much a part of what people do daily anyway, but if the missions are meant to help keep people more active each day then the rewards need to increase too.

Id rather they just give me a 15 minute incubator for completing all 5 of them and they can keep their three hard cash i get a day from them.