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Daily/Monthly login reward system

Here is another topic I think will greatly keep players attracted to this game, a daily login system. One thing I like about some games is they keep a good reason for you to stay on and log in everyday and if you logged in for everyday until the last two or three days left of the month you would get an extremely good reward such as a special creature, a special weapon or an exclusive skin etc so I don’t see why Ludia shouldn’t do this as they can make the last Day of the month unlock a limited Edition Creature along with small resource bonuses and packs. The 1st week could be small stuff like 500 DNA, 10,000 Coins, 100 Dino Bucks and a common pack. The 2nd Week could be a rare pack, 1000 DNA, 100,000 Coins and 250 Bucks etc. If Ludia adds a daily reward system it would make this game SO much better and keep us motivated to stay on as playing without V.I.P(Not Worthit) makes this game mostly a chore. Do you agree with me? Would you like to have a reward login system? Ask the devs :slight_smile:


I agree with you about daily rewards.

This is a personal opinion but VIP is worth it only if you play every day and really love JWTG, otherwise it’s not.

The game already has daily rewards…

This is more like 7 day straight rewards and such.


@Timmah he means like in Rise Of Berk, every day you log in, you get a reward (like an incentive to players to keep logging in every day).

This exists in other games like Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures, if you visit one day you get around few coins, next day few more, and end of the week something good (around 5 acorns, the Ice Age Village/Adventures equivalent of our DBs).

Yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to say.


I would love that,maybe with the packs,like you login on Monday, and the mystery packs, then after 3 days on Thursday, common pack(a single one ) to replace one of your Mystery Packs. And the same on Friday,and on Saturday and Sunday all the mystery packs will be replaced with common packs if you have logged in every previous day.

Or like if you have obtained 12 mystery packs (the 6 hour ones) during that week, you get a Rare Pack after the 12th one and the cycle restarts. 2 Rare Packs in this system gives you 1 super rare pack and 3 Super Rare packs give a legendary pack kind of thing.

I would love to see a daily rewards system. It’s a nice idea.

They already have the daily mystery packs, 4 (8 with ads) per day if you login exactly every six hours (I know that this is only theoretical possible).

Isn’t this some kind of login reward?


Yes. Some games have a system of such. You get a reward for logging in on day 1,then the reward keeps improving and you have to login everyday for a month(or till the season resets) and if you logged in everyday,you get a reward at the end of the month.


I agree with @Tommi in that there already exists a reward via the mystery packs. While of course I would like more incentive currently they due offer an incentive to log in every 6 hours.

What it does not do, is it does not grow in incentive the more you have done it, so the real question is does there need to be an additional incentive on top of the every 6 hour incentive to drive folks to the game more often and what kind of return would that incentive have for Ludia?


Of course every six hours and not four as I wrote.
I corrected my post, thank you.:+1: