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DAILY Players Needed (IndominusWREXS Alliance)

Asking for daily players to join! Myself and one more play daily and we are asking for new players to join us! I would greatly appreciate that daily play, all missions and willingness to have the drive and complete them be in intrest! We want to have fun with it and help our Alliance members as well with anything possible. If you have the drive and play daily for the most rewards possible, please join us!

Hello can I join ur clan?

Sure! Anything that you need to ask or help with, I will be more than happy to help!

Oh thank u​:joy::sob:

Can my other five friends join

It would mean alot

Yes of course!

:pray: thank you so much

I told the others

No problem, thank you! I sent my game ID# incase anything is needed!

I requested can u accept