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Daily Prize Claim via Twitter/Facebook

I used to be able to claim these even though I didn’t have an account with either. I am no longer able to, the links now send me directly to Ludia’s website.

Any one else experiencing this? Do I need a Twitter or Facebook account now?

Hey DeathEngineer, could you try opening the links on your device with a different browser? Also, please make sure the device you’re using has the game downloaded.

Let me know if that works.

Downloaded chrome and it worked.


I’m glad to hear that! :smiley:

Today’s FB post has the wrong link in the post

It’s the link for JWA

Thanks for letting us know, Sionsith.

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It has been corrected. Thank you for informing us.


Thank you @Keith and @Ned.


I haven’t seen a daily reward on Twitter for nearly three days. Is it the same on Facebook?

Posted yesterday

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That’s very odd, thank you.
@Ned, do you have any information on this?

Hey Tommi, the links are the same. Also, they’ll start appearing on Twitter again. :slight_smile:

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