Daily Quest bug

Hello !
Today I have the daily quest : kill 65 kobolds !
Kobolds are easy to find but the quest is still at 0/65. Anyone has the same bug ?

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For 2 days now I’ve had a daily quest for pick gold or gems on a specific challenge and remains at 0 after multiple correct picks.


I have a different one: pick a gear reward in Lightfinger estates. Unfortunately, when I picked a gear reward, it didn’t count, so…?

I have also the same problem in daily quest… i must earn gems in one stage and did it few times but cannot complete the quest :frowning:

Link to another quest-bug thread: Daily Challenge Broken

OK. So, is there anathing to do ? Some adress to send mail ? I don’t know the customer service link to contact…

Same problem here. It didn’t recognize me picking up gems in the daily quest

Have the same problem, I even passed up some epic gear to finish the daily quest only to see that it’s bugged. I saw in another thread that a restart might work but alas no same problem.

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Won’t accept my second gold reward choice for the quest. Not checked my others yet

I would notify this behaviour to both Google Play and Wizard of the Coast

How do you report this to wizards of he coast? I’m using iOS

Same for me. Today I have “pick gem reward 1 time in Frostsilver Mines.” Easy. Did it. Still at 0/1.

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting this to us!

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Quest have been unblocked. Thank you for reaction ! :slight_smile:


Hum ! Today I have the Daily Quest requesting having a chest… and this one don’t work, too ! :frowning:

Hey Blackblood, would you be able to post a screenshot of the quest?


I’m trying (lol)

My game is on French too. It require you grab the 20 opponent killed chest

Ho. Je dois vaincre 20 adversaires en fait ?
Ben du coup je n’ai pas essayé… mince! :frowning:
Merci pour l’info. J’aurais dû demander avant…

Translated from French

Ho. I have to defeat 20 opponents actually?
So I didn’t try … damn! :frowning:
Thank you for the info. I should have asked before …

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