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Daily Quest pvpv or pve but not both

Could you give the player the choice to do either daily pvp quest or pve quest because i hate doing pvp and i m sur there is people who hate doing pve.
And being forced into pvp by the daily quest is just not enjoyable .

I m sure some of you will say , just skip this day , yeah it is a solution but it has been 4 days in a row now and today i have 5 pvp quest out of 6 to do …

please just stop .

I’m just making sure, have you tried replacing the longer-term quests when they come up as PvP-based? You can do that once a day, though unfortunately I don’t know of any way to switch the dailies around

Yes i did and i got another pvp quest ! Youhou.


It’s annoying but can close one per day on longer quests.

Re dailies - I’d be happy with just a chance to spin something else

Ie would t have to be PVE vs PVP but at least the possibility to minimise the amount of one vs another