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Daily quests bug

Hello. I and a couple others in my guild have experienced this bug. I along with those same people have purchases the warrior pass. However a few of us have had the problem where when quests all reset and get added at 8pm eastern that we do not get a new normal quest and just the warrior quest we are paying for. Instead of giving me a quest it just gave me a new timer for 23h 59m as if i had already completed the quest that i never got nor had the chance to finish. Obviously this will make competing all the quest pass difficult if everyday I keep getting short changed a quest. Can you please look into this? I am not sure who and what information I need to send in order for this to be looked at since it seems to be a common problem.

Same issue here. Got only the warrior pass mission and the 3 step one. No regular long-term mission for me.

I had this occur yesterday and immediately filed a support ticket. Hopefully they can quickly resolve the bug and provide impacted players with reasonable compensation.

It may be wise for the Ludians to implement effective and adequate QC measures. Reasonable oversight should be able to prevent most of the bugs which arise after each update. Additionally, the associated QC costs would likely be offset by savings generated from discounted support staff costs, which are needlessly inflated due to the thousands of unnecessary support tickets submitted after each update.

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I had this happen and reported it, the next day i got 2 regular quests. i thought this meant they fixed it. Today, no regular quest.

Hey, everyone. I apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused. If you have not yet reached out to our team, or if you already did before but are still affected by the issue, don’t hesitate to contact them so they can closely look into each of your cases. To those waiting for a response, our support team should be able to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!


I put in a ticket in game but have not heard anything back yet, that was 3 days ago

@Kingoffarts, could you send me your ticket ID/number and support key in a private message so I can look these up with the team? Thank you.

I have encountered another bug today with a daily quest. After waiting for the daily quests to arrive I noticed one of my daily quests was/is “Win 2 battle(s)”. I entered Battle Mode and filled my trophy slots, which included winning one battle. Unfortunately I discovered the victory was counted.

Although this is a small issue, these recurring bugs should be avoidable. Fortunately, due to the flawed implementation of the Quest Pass system, I will only lose is 5 menial items and 1850 gold. :roll_eyes: