Daily Quests should be split into Challenge and Battle Daily Quests

Sometimes, the PvP is very frustrating, and I do not get to defeat 12 opponents or whatever. Other times I need to defeat 25 skilled monsters in a challenge, and the skilled monsters are just not to be found in the runs I have time to attempt (not one skilled monster showed up in my last dragon dungeon run before my run was finished by a breath attack 1st turn 6th room).

This can be discouraging.

To fix this, I had the idea of having 2 daily quests issued instead of one. One would focus on Challenge runs and have the favoured monsters and attack types etc. The other would focus on the Battle aspect of the game: Favoured foes, opening a brawl chest etc.

If I get something that seems difficult or unlikely in the time I have to play, then I could work on the other challenge. This will also help players who want to avoid a particular play function at a particular time, without discouraging them so much.