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Daily rare mission

When does the advance collection stop going up? I was at 1740 last week and it keeps going up.

It maxes out at 2000.


I really dislike that. 3 days in a row i had to collect 1700 rare dna. I completed each one, but its difficult when you don’t have big blue or orange strike towers, especially when you work until dark so you can’t get out to hunt anything.

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just fuse a a rare with easy to find ingredients like einosuchus or suchotator


Mine are already at good levels, so If I fill them up for the rare mission, then I have to drop coins to level them.

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Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing but now all my hybrid rares are at lvl 20 and I don’t wanna spend coin leveling them and some may get a hybrid so it’ll be a waste. Glad it maxes 2000.

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Meanwhile, I didn’t even notice them and still got turtle daily. Probably due to incubator + darting stuff from special scents.

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