Daily Rare Pack

I didn’t receive any rewards from my rare pack. There is no in game bug report system…


I also didn’t appear to get anything when I clicked to collect the rare pack; there was no screen showing the pack opening at least. It’s possible the prize was given, but didn’t show up anywhere.

I’m not too bummed about it, though I do hope this doesn’t happen with the Legendary pack we’ll collect next week!


Didnt receive my commom daily reward too…


Same. I clicked the gift box icon, and the rare pack just says “Ok” when I click on it, no “collect” option was shown.

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Ditto, same issue here.

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Same issue

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Same! Was only going to reply same but apparently the post must be 10 characters long… Same!

Same here. Unfortunately this happened previously with support providing no assistance.

It will be interesting to observe the uproar if players do not receive the Legendary pack on Day 24.

I, like the others who posted above, did not receive the rare pack from Mirt’s free gift.

I also did not get mine

Hey anyone from support care to acknowledge that seems like no one got the “gift” today?

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By any chance were you all on when the reset happened?

I had this occur as well. Clicked to receive the daily gift, and the screen appeared to lock up, then the app closed and when I logged back in it showed my gift was claimed when I opened that tab.

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I would also like to post that I did not receive anything from Mirt’s daily of gift 18 which is a rare pack. Clicked on it and nope.
However can anyone confirm if they did receive items despite not showing anything? I know when you get new gear(from anywhere, challenges, shop, etc.) the game shows a green circle with a number next to each character telling you that person recently received gear. But because I don’t tend to check it that often, it’s a mess to figure out if the rare pack was really delivered or not.

I too did not receive said rare pack daily gift…?

Same here.

Same issue here. I’ve contacted support.

Same - oh well I’m sure they’ll fix it at some point

I have clicked on collect Button on rare pack and it has been marked as checked but nothing else happened. Just in case i waited 30 seconds at least… then I checked inventory, seems like nothing added. restarted the game, and check mark on reward list is present but items are not ;( Will any one review this topic? Just in case my ingame username is : legenduno

Same here.