Daily Rare Pack

Your ingame name is legenduno too?


Same problem here… I sent a message to support as well

Hello, adventurers, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not receiving rewards from certain packs. If you haven’t done so already, please reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com so that they can investigate - as always, remember to include your support key so that they can assist you faster!

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Submitting this to support in my experience will just result in waiting a week or two to be told that I am mistaken. Besides, you already have 20 people here saying it didn’t work. Is responding to dozens of individual claims really the best approach available on your end?


@john, I agree with the sentiments expressed by @gpinsky1313. This issue could be better handled globally rather than individually.

The previous time a similar error occurred, support provided no resolution to the multitude of tickets.

I would suggest support should simply reward all players with 1-rare pack (exactly what was lost) as compensation for the bug. This would provide a quick and directly proportionate response.

@John this is a Global issue, I’m sure there are hundreda of tickets opened. Just give everyone a rare pack and let’s turn this page


I clicked the Gift 18 “Equipment” yesterday, but got nothing at all?!?!

Is this a known bug or just me? Is there a way for support to check if I was awarded any gift and just haven’t noticed what they were?

I didn’t get my daily reward either, and also have not been receiving items from my guild. It always show the green indicator, but never any items are recieved.

Same here!

I didn’t get mine today. Does this ever get resolved?

Here’s a video of the bug in action if anyone wanted to rewatch it in all its glory: https://www.reddit.com/r/warriorsofwaterdeep/comments/fc7bm5/mirts_daily_gift_day_18_rare_pack_bug/

I took screenshots of all my rare items before claiming the gift, and then immediately compared the quantities of my rare cards before the gift and then after the gift. No rare cards changed in their quantity after claiming the gift.

This means that it isn’t just a visual bug, but rather the rare pack was never opened and added to player’s accounts.

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Seems i’m not the only one. But i don’t see the problem here with not just giving everyone a pack. Some might have collected and get a second. So what? Don’t be cheap about it ppl.
But if you prefer us sending in tickets then i will abide.

No pack here either

I didn’t get my pack either. Seems to be a global issue.

Same. Couldn’t open my daily gift. It was shown but didn’t open anywhere.

Same here.

@John Dear John, any update? I imagine it’s not a tough task to solve, just provide a rare pack to all players and it’s done.

Same issue

Also logged a ticket and no response yet on a fix.

I didn’t receive my daily reward too which was the rare pack