Daily reset

I’m sure this is reasoned somewhere, but daily reset (missions specifically) should occur at like midnight or 1 am locally. There’s literally nothing for me to do in the mornings so that I do not compromise potential daily missions (daily battles, strikes, etc)


It doesn’t matter as you have 24 hours to complete your daily missions anyway. It makes more sense for the strike towers, the map reset, the daily missions and the drops reset to be synchronized.


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I agree. The purpose was to sync it with map reset, but it would be better if everyone could start doing their stuff as soon as they start their day off.


The issue is that the map resets at the same time everywhere in the world.

Yeah. I don’t know if it’d be possible to make it GPS based since there already is the daylight feature?

(Edited an uneducated assumption.)

yeah 1 am :stuck_out_tongue: i dont mind it honestly i cna just blah blah the strike toweres do as i want insteadn of waiting for the afternoon half the time to do the dailes

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Maybe they don’t do that because it generates issues if you travel. You could literally go between yesterday and today a few times in a row if you’re at the right spot on the map.


Before the update, it would reset at midnight. It may have been that was the designated time, but it just seems like a real pain.

Oh right, hadn’t thought about that. I’m not sure whether that would be a bigger issue than this though, for most players.

@shdittmar1 I feel your pain. It was 9 am which was perfect for me. Now I have to wait until 6 pm. It’s just really frustrating that nothing you do all day counts towards anything.

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Ehm… i don’t really see the issue with the reset change? Just like @th3g3ntl3m4n said, it’s the same 24 hours as it used to be. But if you prefer playing at some other time, then people don’t need to do the missions right away, you can just wait until your usual playing hours. As weird and unexpected as this change was, this is actually a rather nice one. Now that they are synched, you get even more resources for your missions right off the bat. I think many of us know how it used to be, when for example you needed the incs to push the alliance missions, then the reset came after like “open x incubators” and we were just like ohhh fuuuuu… and had to wait until they reset. Also a little added extra bonus is that we won’t forget about the monthly change. I think many of us has forgotten about it at some point and collected the daily dna, just to realize that later that day it changed to the new, maybe more desired DNA. At least that won’t happen anymore either. They should just sync the drops too so everything resets at the same time.


Well… you’re right. Although it was unexpected, the daily reset is the least of an issue about this update. In my case I can simply do my dailies the next day. Tomorrowly Missions~ :cowboy_hat_face:

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Well said honey, that’s the spirit :heart: :muscle:t2:

i think the only big issue in regards to this are the dopey daily wekkly etc missions some dont even exist and some are just too hard and after one reset you ahve to pay