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Daily resource tally

I was kinda scared to ask this but is there a thread where I could post my resources daily or would I have to create my own or is it just not allowed also I could post an example of what I would post in that thread

?? Just use this thread about you keeping track of your daily resources. Some people might be interested in what you collect day to day.

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Well it’s good to hear maybe some people would be interested and since I didn’t do it today I’ll begin documenting tomorrow

So today is my first day doing the daily resource tally :D. So let’s get straight to the point because that’s what you clicked on this thread for. So anyway today I gained

+2535 DNA
+536,276 Food
+9,248,801 Coins
+124 Bucks
+26 VIP points

And so that’s the usual resources I’ve gained. As for sdna bdna and all that jazz I didn’t take record of that yesterday so we won’t include those for today. So you be wondering “how did you only gain 26 vip points?”. Well that’s because I got a few trades involving trading them for bucks.

I have also been working on the tournament that started today and have so far gained 177 trophies. I will keep you informed about more of that tomorrow. I have spent around 75-100 ish bucks today mostly on the tournament and I have been sorta working on the new boss.

And that’s all I would say interesting that’s happened today and if you have any suggestions on how I should write these it would be much appreciated.


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So you are only reporting your net gains then?

Why not break it down into 2 parts. What you actually earned gross and then after all your feeding/spending ect… is done what you were left with.


That may take a lot of screen shots but why not I’ll do that tomorrow also I’m taking the screenshots so I can put it in a calculator

You don’t need to screen shot everything. Just record it in a notebook or something as you collect it then type it out, IDK?

But just seeing your net resources doesn’t really say much about what you actually collected during your day.

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How does he calculate gross gains when he uses some of his resources to get other resources (in trades). Isn’t it going to kind of end up like net anyway?

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yes and no, it’s certainly a little tricky, I guess in the long run it would be more about what you want to keep track of. For me the interesting thing is what people collect day to day, don’t care if they use it all or trade it all away. This way I could at least see what they are getting from the game and compare to what I am getting from the game.
Say like for me today I used a ton of food feeding some tournaments to lvl 40. I wouldn’t put -15M food for the day. I would still report all the food I got in battles, food production, trades ect… for like 10M received today.

IDK, just my thoughts, dude can do whatever


I agree with feeding not counting, but I think he should minus any food he traded for a different resource. Or else it would seem he was able to get all of those resources if he wanted. I’m with you on everything besides trades.

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What do you mean by what I collect day to day. Do you mean like from event, Dino coin production, battles, food production ?