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Daily reward 90 trex dns

I be made now every daily mission but still 90 dns reward…will it not getting higher???

Yes it will @Dave86 as I’m at 95 Trex for the 5th day now. So I’ve collected 95 for the past 4 days. I’m hoping after tomorrow it will increase. I left off collecting alanqa at 120. I believe there is a pattern but have not yet confirmed it. At 85, per alliance friend, they had to collect 3 times before it became 90. So maybe it’s 3 for 85, 4 for 90, 5 for 95, then perhaps it reset over again? I’ll let you know via a post I’m about to start…lol

How’d y’all get so high? I’m still at collecting 60 :confused:

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@MyFishDrowned I believe the individual mission DNA continued where we left off on Alanqa. There must be an equivalent scale transition that happens when the dinos are changed.

I collected 5 times…now I m at 95

Thanks for that piece of information @Dave86 ! I collected 95 5 times now and it still shows 95 so lucky 6? lol

Maybe 6times then its 100

Lol gosh, I hope it doesn’t keep increasing!

Hey I have started a post to keep this mission stuff organized to some degree so keep checking here if you want to know more: FAQ: Individual Missions & Rewards Post 1.6 Update Feb 4th, 2019

My kid is at level 4 and gets 10. Be grateful for the 90! Ha!