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Daily reward update


Couldn’t stop comparing to PoGo. But now completing all daily challenges is more satisfying :slight_smile:
Dunno though if it’s just for Christmas.

Daily rewards updated!
Complete all Daily missions

I hope it rotates daily and isn’t always Alanqa, of course it’ll probably switch between Alanqa and Stigy.


With all the meta changes and rebalancing going on, I’ll safely accept any free dino… :wink:


But…in that case, we’ll notice open required amount of incubators mission will become almost impossible without pay for speed up, once it arrived over 10 incubators.

(If the mission ask for 12 incubators, I will mostly give up that one)


8 incubators is doable for me, not more


I’m supposed to open 12 today, and I’m waiting on a 24hr, so not gonna happen.


@Tarbosaurus I need to open 14 for only 50 Alanqa dna… Some have 50 Alanqa dna for only opening 10…


That’s my case too, @Kristi ! The only difference is that I’m supposed to open 13 today!! :/:roll_eyes:


Mine was 13 yesterday–I don’t understand why it changes. Weird.


It keeps increasing by 1 every day when you complete. If you miss then it goes -1 and keep going down if you miss …

So if you hit one day next day it will +1 and if you miss then -1 of previous count.

So at some point we will all be missing those daily DNAs (if thats daily)


@NiceGuy it’s capped at 15 in a day


Thanks for the info. At-least some reasonable amount which is not so reasonable though without spending


So the prize for doing the thing is making it harder the next day? Um, sure, thanks? #thatdontmakegoodsense


Ludia in a nutshell: Nice ideas, but not enough thought through.



Yep. Now I wish I had tanked my “open incubators” mission down to the lowest level, lol.

My reward is 50 DNA though and I have 8 quests.


Hey Ludia team- I must admit this was probably one of the best incentives I’ve seen since I started playing.
Fantastic surprise today when I saw that!


Is everyone else seeing this on the missions tab?

Seems if I complete all missions today, I get 50 Alanqa DNA!

Not going to make me pay to open incubators, but might motivate me to finish the other missions on days when the incubator task is feasible.


Yes, definitely noted the daily objectives upgrade… It’s a nice incentive to actually complete the missions, but incubators are certainly daunting.


I hope that there will be not only alanqa and DNA will rotate.