Daily reward update

I believe everyone has issues with the “open x incubators” mission.


Yessss… I have open 15 right now and I can’t do it because strikes don’t count and I average 12-13 incubators a day.

I’m on a 24hr incubator right now–definitely not worth it to open them with cash just for $4. The dna doesn’t tempt me to waste my cash either.

@Ned @J.C
The Strike event fights get counted in Daily Mission.
Why doesn’t opening the incubators won from those fights count as well?

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Need to open 14 - reckon I will get 12

Hey argb007, our team is aware of this, and they’re looking into it. Once there is more information, we’ll be sure to give everyone an update. Make sure to keep checking back to get the latest news. You can also visit our other social media channels here as well:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JurassicWorldAlive/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jworldalive?lang=en

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5/9 so its doable for me… anymore and you might have to pay to speed incs and thats not worth it.

I am trying not to achieve the incub reward from now on (I arrived opening 12 a day two days ago) hoping it won’t be always Alanqa, so that I will be ready to gain the prize if facing a T-Rex reward.

Btw, great news here, we asked for some more and we received this new prize! Finger crossed it won’t be just for Chrstmas. :3

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Well doesn’t look like any rotation, just finished daily and got this…

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I hope it remains Alanqa for a few days at least. I’m sitting on 13 Alanqa and at the moment only get 20 Alanqa for completing the daily missions. I’m 3 DNA away from unlocking my baby.

If it changes before I get 50 Alanqa, I’ll have to start battling again. :scream:

Of course, after I unlock her, feel free to change it as often as you want. :smile:

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Why not? Not disagreeing with you but I’m curious since I do this pretty regularly. Wish I could spend the cash to do scent capsules in zones I need to hunt instead, but time doesn’t permit me to do that very often.

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I pay to speed incs but i have a very specific system set up… i only pay full price on 3 hour incubators to make room for my next incubator… if i can i try to wait for the price to be under 10 hard cash…i dont speed up 12-24 incubators until their under 50 hard cash… i dont speed up 8 hours in general bit if i do its when their under 30 hardcash.

I do this to cycle to my next 24 hour incubator as quickly as possible without spending a ton of my tapjoy earned hard cash… i tend to average a 24 hr inc every 5-6 days…

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I’m hoping that it stays on Alanqa for a few days. Desperate for it’s DNA.

I would have rather it not have been any of the arena epics and have it just be a rotation of park spawns… unless you have a supply depot next to your house you gotta go out to do all the dailys…without anky gen 2 alanqa does me no good … my closest park is hunting grounds. Lol.

i mean if you think its worth spending cash for 40 alanqa dna…

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tommorows is 50 alanqa dna.

No way, those daily rewards are nice but have no bearing on my incubator openings. I do it strictly to speed up the cycle and bc I love to battle but doing it without getting incubators for wins feels hollow compared. Not saying it’s wise, but those are my reasons.

i did the same when i dropped down to badlands and was farming irri dna. i was speeding through all of them. currently i have three 24 hours and my fourth will come real soon. like 3 more 8 hours.

Did you get a decent amount more while in badlands? I’m still not sure how all of that works.