Daily reward update

actually i do think i got it more frequently

I’m sure there’s something to it, but it still seems mostly random on the surface. My experience with it is limited, good to hear from others. Ty.

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And today is alanqa again.
Great feature but why alanqa? Don’t we have more then enough from every second 8hr incubator and daily incubator?
Let’s rotate it every day, there would be so much more motivation to complete all daily quests if there were 50 t-rex DNA.

Honestly I don’t think so, not for Alanqa. But we begged Ludia for ages to have specific Dna for bucks, and they actually listened to us now. And then, we asked for micro transactions (current incubators now are Fierce that costs 4340 bucks for 344 epic dna not guaranteed Barionice and 578 rare dna) and here we can speed up incubators for less bucks or watching adv or choose not to earn 4 bucks for opening 11 incubs and having the target decreased…

Is this the era of Incubators 2.0 maybe?
Spend less to receive less, but at least you are sure on what you get.

Oh sure…

Me too. I’ve already spent most of my cash on a one time incubator not too long ago.

I cant get past open 3 incubators lol.

I dont hassle myself with the broken and unbalanced arena, its just not fun to me at all.

I do enjoy hunting and adding to my dino collection though. I also LOVE the strike events, so yeah, change this immediately :sunglasses:

almost done with todays objectives :grin:

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I managed to open 12 incubators and what do I see after today’s reset… open 13 incubators. :sweat_smile:

But I did notice that the reward for Alanqa dna is now 60 instead of 50.

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It caps at 15 incubators.

Well I’m glad everyone is having the same problems with the daily quest that I have…those incubator requirements are insane! …Ludia admits that it’s broken so then why not just remove THAT requirement till it’s fixed? it’s really killing my buzz, it’s like you guys expect us to just play JWA all day and not have lives at all.


50 is not the max dna now as we can go up to 60 if keep cont to complete daily. The question is, will it increase further more if we keep continue? And if yes, what is the maximum DNA reward cap?
…still awaiting for ludia to announce

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Not satisfying at all. Open 10 to 14(highest i seen) incubators for a measly 40-50 DNA. What a cash grab, or a scam out of your bucks.

Right, my goal is 14 incubators… Not happening.