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Daily rewards aren't collected if you spam click them? *Solved when log in & out*

I’ve realised for a while that you can spam click your daily rewards and they collect faster. They don’t show you each individual reward you you can get to that epic DNA quicker rather than spend 30 seconds waiting for each to open.
Today I realised that it doesn’t collect them when you do this?! Only the ones that show up on the screen are collected. I will keep a closer eye on this in the future but damn if others do this too without realising I imagine a lot of resources have been lost.

Has anyone else encountered this? Could we please just have a collect all button Ludia?

If you log back in, your rewards will pop up

Sorry for the trouble, B4nKs.

If restarting your game doesn’t make a difference, you can email our team at and they’ll be able to look into this! You can include your support key.