Daily Rewards Change - July 2019

Just a reminder that today’s daily rewards missions have a twelve hour time limit. I wish you luck, especially with the card packs.

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What the?? In addition to losing the custom trade as well. How many ways is Ludia going to find to screw over the players?

Maybe it is only today because the changed the reset time of the challenge.

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I hope so, luckily I’ve gotten in a habit of leaving the last round on the PvE events to finish once the missions become active, so I can quickly knock off the card packs that way… although one of today’s was just a DNA reward so no help there.

I just realized that I need another card pack for today’s daily mission which I will not get before it times out.

Same. It’ll be the first time i miss that pack. Not a big deal, other than ruining my perfect track record.

Another proof of @Sionsith assumption that spinning wheels are fake.
I’ve bought 2 dozen common mods hoping to get my last card pack for today’s daily mission.
After more that twenty tries the sign “mission accomplished” appeared before I started the wheel. I got the card pack and reached my daily goal.
Now it is clear that the result of a spinning wheel is determined before it is started. Ludia could save a lot of my lifetime if they pass on this hoax.


Now that we’re through the transition from the old starting time to the new, I like this change a lot. Now, the Raptor Paddock needs to reset at the same time. And bring back the third custom trade.