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Daily rewards change

Did they change the daily rewards, or is it because of I leveled up?
I recall having 2 daily missions where the reward would be 40 dinobucks… Now I have only 1 reward for 50 dinobucks :frowning: so effectively down on 30 dinobucks a day… And they are so incrediible scarse allready for a relative new player…
As with the pricewheel never giving anything decent it is pretty hard to keep up…


They do change as you level up. What level are you at?


I am currently level 64

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I’m at level 85 and have noticed the changes along the way.

my lev 66 account has the same as my lev 85 account so if you have the same as the screenshots under then it wont be changing. When you get to lev 85 you wont need xp so the rewards change but missions are the same.




Edit. Images are from lev 85 account. My lev 65 account does not have such nice rewards and a lot of them are just for xp.

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Wow, I see a lot of dinobucks an LP’s
My lvl 64 rewards are:

pfff… this game is quite a grind :wink:

Your rewards look the same the same as my lev 66 account.