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Daily Rewards thoughts

I know I’m ridiculously late to the party on commenting this but why not balance out daily mission rewards by giving 10 DNA per mission achieved rather than all or nothing?

I’m not a fan of PvP like some so the daily battle incubator is frustrating to get but if each mission gave some DNA we would all benefit?

Personally the DBI requirement prevents me from getting th DNA as I dislike PvP that much. I know I’m just one player.

Just my thoughts.

10 takedowns prevents you from collecting 100 diplodocus dna? :eyes: you better just hit battle and set your phone down while watching tv if you hate it that bad. I hate battles more than anything in the game, well raids are up there too. There’s no way I’d miss 100 epic dna especially exclusive because I won’t do 10 takedowns. It takes 10-15 minutes. You’re missing out.


I could. I was simply suggesting an alternative. But thank you for your suggestion I’m sure I’ll try it.