Daily rewards


why not add a daily longin reward. as you all know cash and coins are hard to stock up on but when you have them 1 evolve can take all the coins, cash is far too expensive to buy a login bonus would help us all out. can add mile stones for better bonus like 10 days in a row 30 days in a row 50 and so on


I’m pretty sure that almost everyone is logging in daily


I was thinking dailies could be mission based. Like get 10 of these Dinosaurs for extra xp. Or mini versions of the achievement’s requirements.

Actually rethink. Do action get spawn. Like get 2000 dna from Deinocherius spawn T Rex. 4 of those new everyday.


yeah something like that but im thinking login day 1 you get 3 cash 10 coin day 2 get 6 cash 20 coins so on and so on but daily missions for extra would be fun and great to play too