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Daily scales quest battle glitch

Just a few minutes ago, and a tad later than the Bewilderbeast battle glitch I complained about in my other post, on the 3rd quest level of the daily scale gather quests, a dragon I defeated refused to leave battle. It just stayed there, till the end. But at least it wouldn’t shoot at me anymore.

Hi there, @Featherwing, I’m really not sure why that dragon refused to leave! In order for us to take a closer at things on our end, can you reach out to our team at including your support key in the email? Thanks!

I have had the same thing occur. Usually I have been able to replicate it by quickly killing the dragon before the enemy is able to be healed by another dragon which causes it to “ghost”.

@John , I have reached out to support in general about a wide range of things. The only thing they seem to be good at doing is to state the recommended method of playing and then they shoo me away dismissing my bugs and issues I have reported.

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I already have :slight_smile:

Ah, so that is what happens? Wouldn’t it want to keep shooting at me if it was healed though?

Okay, that’s not so encouraging. I have sent mails about several glitches I encountered, and finally they contacted me about the first issue… I hope they do help, but if they do what you say… It will be one heck of a disappointment. And I might not be so interested in the game anymore.

My interest in the game has gone down. However, I am holding hope. I see what the game could become, but it needs a better support structure and a little bit more transparent on the bugs they need more information around so they could have bug hunters replicating these bugs and testing fixes.

I do development work on macOS so I know how critical bug hunters are to finding the root cause of some issues.


Yeah, I feel you. It’s something of the same for me. During this last week, I have encountered so many glitches, not just one, which is so very discouraging. The support hasn’t made any progress so far in fixing any of the issues, and that’s a tad trying in my patience. I get a “why do I bother” feeling.

Okay, I’m glad to know you’re a developer, so they might perhaps listen to an expert (I hope). But even I, who has nothing to do with your profession, know that (from movies but nevermind) and consider it common logic.

@Featherwing as with any complex item. Programming can take a bit to find the root cause of a bug. However, I can see where they try to keep people out from their code, and watching the network traffic. I also do some Reverse Engineering and security work as well. I tried to watch the packets go through, which I noticed they encrypt the data on the app level.
I can’t watch the packets and know if it is a network issue (harder to reproduce all the time) or an app error, which could be a simple not checking often enough of the state of the dragons, or possibly a simple little flag not set properly. Also it could be a huge complex issue which would require refactoring code, and reviewing logic functions, and some of the algorithms they use.

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Eh, you mean a network issue from their side? Because I do have connection issues, but this game didn’t trigger them much which made it easy for me to get in and play at any time, but suddenly, and even as I check my Wi-Fi is okay… Glitches, glitches, glitches. And since my Wi-Fi isn’t causing them during those times, and considering we are many players having issues, and that the issues can vary, I can only assume it’s from Ludia’s side. Whatever it is, it just has to be from Ludia. I know it.

I also have no clue as to how you check all those things, but it’s your job and I trust you to know it. And I guess it must be frustrating to not be able to do something about the glitches despite it being in your profession to know the mechanics of them. I’m sure Ludia’s devs are working, but they also fail a lot when it comes to communication.