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Daily sign in bonuses/ bonus wheel


For anyone who plays this game every day, there should be a daily bonus, where when you sign on for the day you get a bonus incubator or a bonus wheel. Anywhere from coins to DNA to incubators to scents. The more days you sign in consecutive the greater the prize, but there has to be a cut off obviously or a reset after so many days.


great idea :slight_smile: I played summoners war before (still popular game) and we had a very similar concept. 30 days - every day you receive a sign in reward and you had like 3 or 4 days that you could skip but still receive the highest reward at the end of each month. Something like this could work in JWA as well (you could get cash, coins, dna, incubator or anything :D)

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You mean like the free incubator that you get every 6 hours?

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No like an actual calendar of sign in rewards that reset daily

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Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was asking for a troll on the Internet To post sarcastic comments underneath decent suggestions.


Yes if anything just like candy crush every day you get something or a prize wheel daily. The incubators are good and all but they aren’t that thrilling to be simple about it.