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Daily Spawn Bug

It seems the daily spawns are more of a suggestion for my device? I’m seeing dinosaurs regularly spawn outside of their daily time. The issue occurs when I am not scenting.

EDIT: This is not just happening for archaeotherium, which i understand is spawning more due to am event. For example, stego spawns basically every day.

You always have a chance of something spawning, unless it is zone specific or an exclusive.

Can you link me to a guide or statement from Ludia that confirms this? Every piece of information I have read indicates that the daily spawn creatures should only spawn on their indicated days. I see stego spawn literally every single day - I don’t even notice more of them on Saturdays, which is supposed to be their spawn day.

I thought it was on the GamePress site but I can’t see it on the spawning page, so I may be wrong or it has changed since it was as I remember it.

Let me poke our team and see if I can get some info! :mag:


From what I find with the dailies, daily creatures can spawn at any time, anywhere. However, they are most common on the day they are listed as. You can find argent any time of the week, but they are most common Monday


Bajadosaurus keeps bugging me, if only it was still erliko g2 or draco or quetz spawning in area 2, so annoying. I do like einiasuchus tho. I’m gonna level that up a ton. I have like 5,000 of it without fusing and can fuse it like 500 times. It’s probably gonna be my second rate level 30 behind such o of course.

Save for sarco. It’s far superior. I will probably do that after my sarco is level 30

Ok, forgot about that guys, will do, with all the einia, I can prob make sarco like 25

Yeah, I’m seeing Haast G2 outside of its designated day

Hi @Ned, any updates here?

Update on my end - I managed to briefly fix the issue by clearing my cache, but the problem has since returned despite not having any cache to clear. I’d try clearing my app data as well, but I’m concerned that doing so will make me lose my account or something.

This has been happening since March, all the daily creatures spawning every day unless you clear the cache on your phone

Daily spawns do overlap into dawn the next day. I see this all the time.
For example, Tuesday is the deer, Megoloceros and Wednesday is the Haast Eagle G2. On my morning walks on Wednesday, I will run into both Megoloceros and the Haast Eagle during the dawn time.

Hey Adam_Geiger, the information I have so far, is that creatures appear more frequently during their “Active Time”. However, they can spawn outside of that time as well.