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Daily spawns too much?

Beside all the complaining about battles and boosts, I want to Adress another topic. Since 1.7 we have Dinos of the day, everyday other species, all over the place. I think it’s a nice idea but when it comes to real play, I see problems.
The common Dino of the day is much more common then others, same goes with rares. Epics are pretty hard to find nevertheless. Today I walked through my village, Nearly Completely L3. I should find some dimetrodon, tuojiango, amarga, nodo and today: triceratops.
I caught 14 rares Today. 10 triceratops, 2 amarga, 1 nodo and 1 dimetrodon. Same happened the last days this week.
I see a problem here. The Dinos of the days are so much overwhelming, that it’s way harder finding your own locals.


Yes, No… I don’t know. I thought it’s to much first as well. But after a few days of hunting/grinding my opinion is: Spawn rates are o.k. You can still grind the regular locals while having a good go on the daily spawns.

Maybe they could lower the spawnrate of the dailys a bit. But not to much. I caught 4 Anky today and fear, that these spawns become common ones rather than local epic ones, if they lower the rates. And I rather have Anky than Diplocaulus… :wink:

A slight decrease in the daily “commons” would be fine.


If you need a specific local spawn use common scents. You do get a few of them free a day.

Those will give you rather dailys than locals at the same rate. So, no difference.

Scents dont spawn daily migrations so no not same at all.

In that thread @MNBrian confirmed there on a different spawn table then the ones scents pull from.

And my results and others have collaborated this.

So if you need local commons you can scents… youll still get hybrid pursuits on a day like today so youll get stygi g2, but no dilo g2.


Interesting, I must have been mistaken by the close proximity spawns while moving around with scent then. I didn’t really pay attention to wether or not the spawns were from scent.

So, does that mean almost definately no Smilodon from epic scent tomorrow?

Thats how it seems Id love to hear different from the epics… but this way does still allow us to target local specific spawn pools without being diluted on certain days… so i can see the merits of it.

Im planning on running an epic tommorow for erli if i happen to get any daily spawns ill be sure to post. But even the other common scents ive ran since thursday have shown this to be true.

Yes, now that I’m aware I definately like the idea of different spawntables. Still a good opportunity to grind locals at a (further away) local zone with the according scents and grab those dailys on the way anyway, no matter what. I don’t care, where I catch those random Smilos & Ankys… :wink:

Cant find the rare dracorex at all. 4 hours in zone 2 yesterday and 3 hours today and not 1. Everything is trex g2 and iguanadon.
7 hours and cant find a rare dino. how much time i wasted. :pensive:

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I agree. I have definitely
noticed with rares like Dilophosaur and Dracorex I would get 2-3 a day at my spots and now they aren’t showing up

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Still no dracorex. Why cant i find dracorex. I see over 50 trex g2 tonight and start to skip by them but still no dracorex.

I found 2 Rare Dracorex spawn outside my house yesterday and also saw 2 spawn outside of my border too. Definitely not seeing a reduction myself from the new daily spawns. In fact I saw more Dracorex than I did TRex Gen 2.

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Just make them have there own spawns. It would add more dinos to the map which is always good. Daily dinos should be completely new dino spawns that should have 0 effect on local and other nest/park spawns. But it is effecting them, its not terrible, but it could have a slight adjustment. Don’t make them share the spawns…

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Good for you? These spawns suck now for me. Suck badly. Still not 1 draco for me.


Maybe rep from ludia explain? Yesterday rare migration dino was rex g2. Today it was purrolyth. I find over 50 rex g2 yesterday to where I skip by them because too many. Today I find 1 purrolyth so far and almost in the same time segment playing as yesterday. Why purro has much different spawn rules then rex g2 besides both being same tier dinos on a migration day?

friday daily rare dino at 75% spawn rate but saturday daily rare dino only 3% spawn rate?
They both rare dinos yes? Why different?