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Daily stats and monthly stats

I for one love to see stats. And for this game, I would love to know all I have done for the day. I know your daily missions give some idea of what you have done, but it does not give much and if you claim the reward, then that stat is gone for the day.

I would love to see the following stats: these are ideas off the top of my head. Some more useful. Others just for fun.

  1. Darts shot per day
  2. Epic DNA claimed
  3. Rare DNA claimed
  4. Common DNA claimed
    4a. Legendary / Unique DNA claimed (if any from darting)
  5. Arena Battles fought
  6. Arena Battles won
  7. Arena Battles lost
  8. Arena Takedowns won.
  9. Direct hits per day
  10. Coins claimed
  11. Cash claimed
  12. DBIs opened
  13. Incubators opened
  14. Friendly battles played
  15. Friendly battles won
  16. Tournament battles won
  17. Tournament battles lost
  18. Food given in sanctuary
  19. Toys given in sanctuary
  20. Interactions in sanctuary
  21. Strike towers played

Any other stats that would be useful/fun?

I see the daily stats being accumulated for monthly stat.
So 1 column with daily and another for the cumulated monthly.


I am a huge fans of stats too , it sounds like a lot of fun.

These daily stats would be useful for alliance leaders to note how the team is doing. Possibly.

With stats, a lot.of people are gonna get in trouble…

:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: not the ones who really enjoy the game.

I don’t really care much about stats, but i’d be down if these get added,

Well if you are not battling, darting opening incubators etc, then why are you here. It is good way to weed out the non performers.

I mean over a month if you do not open at least say 20 DBIs, then you should not be here.