Daily success limits


I rarely vent but …
I have other threads bemoaning a lack of success
at night … today was a good day with rares, epics etc but tonight … nothing …2 hours out walking … no spawns, nothing … I think there is a daily restriction on success …


I felt like that yesterday but today the good luck was back again!


I’m going to shut down for the day tomorrow and fire it up at night … see what happens


Let us know tomorrow then!


Been using the app sparingly today and no rare or epic spawns at all. Finally got a rare just outside the 200m about 2 hours ago and another just now. Will look again when it gets dark and see if I have a more productive night hunt having not collected for most of the day. Probably totally random and I’m just being paranoid :slight_smile:


Ok … and I thought this would be debatable … 7 Kapros, 2 Nodos, several other rares and an epic. Good day … quiet night; quiet day … good night. Always suspected … now confirmed. Choose your time of day for what you want to collect … :thinking:


And the icing on the cake … level up Kapro to 15 and start fusing Spinotasaurus … 90 :joy:

Not related to the theory but a good end to the day.