Daily / Weekly / Monthly Mission (Extra Missions)

As a way to help players get the 5 daily, 3 weekly and 2 monthly missions, hand out 8 daily missions to do every day but still only need to complete 5 to get the creature. Hand out 5 weekly missions but only need to complete 3 to get the weekly credit and hand out 3 monthly mission but we only need the 2 to get the monthly credit. Allow us to do the extra mission for the extra points if we want.

This way if we get something that is impossible, we can skip that one and work on a different one.


I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. Esp with the increase in difficulty of the missions. They still need to remove the ones that are downright impossible though…

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And it should start in the morning, as it was in the previous variant.
Now it starts very late in the afternoon.