Dakotaraptor (File 41 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

Are you sure ???
You voted for the carnivore !!
Don’t say it’s my fault !!
Kidding, welcome the Dakotaraptor


DNA cost: 2980 DNA
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 409
Damage: 156
Ferocity: 908

Level 20

Health: 700
Damage: 268
Ferocity: 1558

Level 30

Health: 1068
Damage: 408
Ferocity: 2374

Level 40

Health: 1510
Damage: 577
Ferocity: 3356


He is not as strong as Dimetrodon, but he has a high attack, perhaps due to the fact that he is a raptor!
The Design of him is very simple, with blue colors at level 40!
Do you want this war machine?

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • Scolosaurus
  • Erlikosaurus gen 2
  • Ranchenia

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Absolutely love dako, hp\oping he get in the game


You misspelled rinchenia fir Ranchenia…

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Wow finally he won the majority !

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