Damage calculation glitch


I don’t know what happened but I think something got messed up after the new update. I noticed that when holding down your attack button to see how much damage your attack will do, it doesn’t take into account your opponent’s armor or shields anymore. So you aren’t getting an accurate reading of how much damage you are going to do to your opponent.

I just lost a game because of this. Was fighting a Tragodistis with 389 health left. I had my own Tragodistis out who was faster. I didn’t want to waste my rampage so I held my superiority strike button down to see if it would kill him. Apparently it would. I do the attack and it only does 340ish damage. He then slows me down and brings in his next dino to finish me off and win.

This is just one example. This has happened many times to me and I’m certain before the update this wasn’t the case. Has anyone else noticed this?


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