Damage decreased(nerf)


Why is the velociraptors damage decreased then? My level 21 raptor had a damage of somewhere around 1176 and now its 1019 lol dropped by close to around 200 lol


Almost all the creatures had damage nerfs


Yeah I noticed that with my einasuchus


einsuch atleast need that dmg reduction, velociraptor not.


I wish there was no nerfs, only is because people complain


The thing is, they gave the dinosaurs a fair amount of health increase too. Will be interesting to get used to the new moveset and damage.


Yeah, almost all the dino’s in my battle team have decreased power. I really like the upgraded game so far, except those damage decreases. I thought it was fine the way it was…


I’ll have to test to see how well balanced the nerf is, but if all dinosaurs got a damage nerf in a more or less balanced way, I think it’s an improvement. More room for tactics and a bit longer and more interesting battles. Before most dinosaurs died with two hits, it was more dependant on luck or speed. Longer battles help reduce the speed meta.

However, tank vs. tank can get reaaaaally boring if it lasts even longer xD

Edit: So, many dinosaurs got a health increase but Rex DIDN’T??? Oh well. Welcome to the tank meta, we don’t even have proper tank counters until they buff tyrannosaurs. Well, time to put Baryonyx back in the team, I suppose, and to work harder to get that Stegodeus.


pyroraptor lost its armor piercing attack. now it’s just 1.5 damage. the utah raptor gets +40% critical chance increase still so we now have an epic raptor worse than a rare. it is 1 speed faster though.

good thing i didn’t buy those pyroraptor incubators recently lol


1 speed is key when it comes to raptor, though. Sometimes the most effective raptor counter is a faster raptor. Pyro can take care of Utah cleanly. But yeah, I agree the nerf hurts.


Yea,and that person is you!


?? What are you talking about?


“functionally unchanged” They never said they wouldn’t Nerf it. Anyways it still plays the same. A fast hard hitting revenge killer. At least now people won’t cheese a match by spamming Raptors.


I’m so mad I spent 100$ on those damn incubators.


Haven’t functionally changed pfft what a joke all raptors lost HP and damage and in some cases speed only hybrids versions got anything out of the update and they still fairly ineffective in battle


My einasuchus was able to ones hit Raptors with damage increased stunning impact before the update but cannot after the update