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Damage is the main issue still

If an ability does over 3000 damage (not including crits, boosts such as “ready to crush” etc) It does too much damage for the health pool in this game.

It’s all well and good to add the occasional counter creature in there to these strategies, but that only works if people can actually get the DNA to use them.

The Indoraptor currently is immune to distraction and stun, removing almost all opportunities to beat it without using 2 dinosaurs, and even then it mostly comes down to a gamble on whether something like your evasion works or their evasion works.

Even if you beat one of these really high damage creatures, your dinosaur will be so easily killable, with no way to avoid it (even a distraction in most cases won’t be enough, and evasion is hilariously useless in most cases).

Even armor doesn’t help, even against things that don’t ignore armor! even the high damage creatures that don’t have armor ignore (and most of them do) do SO MUCH DAMAGE that they’ll wipe out most armored creatures in 2 hits. 3 hits if they need to instant charge you to get out of a speed reduction first.

Most creatures have less than 6000 health, which means they’ll be killed in 2 hits from nearly anything used at high level.

At this point there is no strategy except “be faster” Damage will overpower everything, armor, evasion (seriously, you have a 50% chance to maybe not take full damage, but the damage you take will be so high that they’ll kill you on the next hit whether evasion works or not), or barriers will not help. It is so COSTLY to fight something faster than you that if they have one high speed, high damage creature (right now it’s the Indoraptor that’s nearly impossible to even hit once for most teams) that it becomes impossible to win, because if you do kill it, you’ll be 2 down and they’ll have 3 left in their pool. They’ve won the match in the first round. There are no counters, you can’t swap, you can’t distract, you can’t stun, you can’t even block the damage with a barrier or armor.

It’s not the ability sets that are the problem, it is the damage output. Some of these creatures can do over 5000 damage in a hit. That means even if your evasion or barrier blocks it, it’ll take off more than half your health for the average creature with those abilities (that is assuming it’s not a barrier breaking ability, which most of the time it is). Meaning that all that has happened is that instead of dying in 1 hit, you died in two. Which also meant that for most creatures their highest damage ability’s cooldown is reset and they can do it to you again on your next one.

You need to drastically reduce the damage output in this game, or drastically increase health because the numbers are really blowing out any sense of strategy.

I agree with the need for damage reduction (or HP buffs), but not entirely with your arguments… Indoraptor (GEN 1) actually isn’t that big deal compared to others out there, even with the recently added immunities… And also, nothing will kill you if you dodge 2 times in a row with full HP… May I ask what’s your team average level?

You only have a 50% chance to dodge each time, which means you have a 25% chance of not getting hit with full damage on one of those hits. That’s a 75% chance that you will take full damage (3-5k damage) on ONE of those hits. That’s more than enough to kill most in 2 hits even if you succeed.

Highly evasive creatures all have low health, which means it’s expensive to boost their hp.

My team is around level 22. Which means most of my creatures have 3.2-4.5k hp.

Yes, but what you said is that you will be killed “whether evasion works or not”… I’m just refuting that. If it works two times you won’t be killed in two attacks, unless it comes a third, maybe that’s what you meant… I asked about your team cause there was a time when I also thought Indo was too OP, but that’s because I still didn’t have the right dinos to face it… not to mention most players had it at a higher level than my team… Maybe that’s what’s happening to you.

Under the same conditions, Indoraptor is still very dependant on dodges. If it doesn’t crit or dodge at least once or even twice, it loses to anything faster (Erlido, Dilo, Procera, Spyx, Orion), loses to Instant Chargers (Thor, Utasino and Rinex), loses to some tanks (Stegod, Maxima, Gemini)… Not to mention other circumstantial situations like a damage buffed Tryos, a Rampage-free Tryko… and of course, the DracoceRat

But anyway, I agree with your point. I believe less damage and longer battles would make things more fun, strategic and interesting.

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The problem is all of those counters to Indoraptor are hybrids that are hard to get DNA for. Even the ones I do have are too low level to be useful. some of those creatures I see once a month, if that. When you could stun Indo, there were things you could do, now you just have to be a really fast high damage dealer… which is the problem with the whole game at the moment.

From my point of view the issue is circumstantial.

Lower Arenas maybe some dinos HPs seem low relative to the damage outputs of the opponents.

But in the higher Arenas, there’s no chance Indorap can one or two hit the opponents dino i.e. Maxima at 10k++ HP…:sweat_smile:

Maybe for F2P players like myself, we need to be very patient in building our team.

You’ll eventually get those right counters. Along the way, you’ll also move up Arenas…:+1:


That is true, there ARE exceptions, but they’re exceptions. I accept there are worse ones than Indoraptor, but they just highlight the problem. The point is that the damage output is too high and the answer has been to make higher damage, higher speed creatures, which just makes it worse.

My 24 Zorion counters Indoraptor from levell 21 to 30.

You can’t use the same counter for it as before.

Regarding damage. Yes, it is a bit high specially for big chompers. Anyway, distractors such as Utarinex and Magna can handle it pretty well. In my case, the only distractor in my team is a Purrutaurus. So I suffer more than needed.

But A Indoraptor can 2 shot easily a Tryko. Thing that only happened before update if you were lucky enough to win mental games with Distraction and Shield.