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Damage miscalculation

Not sure if I’m the only one that notices this, or if it is happening on other dinos as well.

But before this patch an even level erlidom would one shot an even level dracocera. Done.

But now the damage is miscalculated on erlidom and no longer one shots an even dracocera. It leaves it with one hp. My boosted erlidom has 2006 damage. Should do 4012 damage. An evenly boosted dracocera has 4011 hp. He should be one shot at 4012 damage, just like before this patch.

Instead there is a miscalculation on Erlidom damage his rampage is only doing 4010. No way that should be happening even with rounding up or down. 2006x 2 is 4012. Not 4010 in any shape or form.
@J.C @Ned

If you could pass this miscalculation along that would be great


Considering neither erlidom or dracocera was nerfed or buffed in the attack or hp department everything should still be equal. But regardless 2006 x2 should not being 4010 damage

I mentioned it here already

Also there are other wrong damages in the game. I have noticed quite a bit but i did not take notes.

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Hey Justin_Larson, I’ll definitely pass this along to our team. In the meantime, if you could contact our support team here at with the date and time of when this battle occurred, our team can take a closer look into it. Please make sure to include your support key in the email too. Thanks!

The only explanation I can think of is:
Ludia changed Erlidominus’s attack to 1822.5 and Dracoceratops’s health to 3646.4

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Yea but that doesn’t matter. If i have 2006 damage x2 and dracoera has 4011. 4012 should kill that. I shouldnt be doing 4010 damage regardless of rounding

Yours was not actually 2006 … it was 2005.5 and its health was 4011.4

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Even at the lowest end of 2005.5 that would round up to show 2006 would still be 4011 worst case scenario

The problem is it was NOT rounded up and it means 1HP left

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It should be one shot. Regardless. It always has been

Besides his health I shouldn’t be doing 4010. Ever

It should not be necessary to round up or down, since we can not see if it’s 2006,5 or whatever. We can see only 2006.

If my dino is doing X damage, opponents dino have X*2 health, and I’m using a Rampage move, then I expect to kill that dino. Period.

They changed their stats …

I can see why. Now ppl can no longer kill it at one shot and both sides will have to kee boosting. Ludia makes money from that.

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I agree of course. That’s why i said that was the only explanation …

I think it should kill it at one shot.

Exactly. Especially since this example has always been this way. But under no circumstances in any type of math or rounding should a visible 2006x2 only do 4010 damage. That’s just miscalculated

Also, a level 20 dracocera used to do 1732 damage. Now it’s only 1730. Don’t remember any changes to it on the patch notes.

2005.5 is the lowest possible damage that would round to show up as 2006. MINIMUM should hit 4011. But doesn’t

There weren’t any

I would like to see Ludia make an official statement on why erlidom can no longer one shots the rats. Miscalculations? @Ned

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I mean the damage is miscalculated regardless of the rat. Honestly beside the point